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A little over zealous. A little too skilled. And a little too mad at the universe. Other then that she'd be a great gal.
Dan Eardornn

RE.50-1, more commonly known as Jaal or One, was one of six clones of Jamey Farwell created to destroy Reljji Desilijic. She was created at the order of the War Crimes Committee. During her training and development, the principles of sentient rights were deeply programmed into her. After her train was complete Jaal led the Sisterhood on their mission. By the end of the operation only Jaal was alive.

After the Clone Wars Jaal became involved with the Rebel Alliance and then the New Republic. However, she was tried and convicted for her involvement with the Diversity Alliance.

She then resurfaced during the war with the confederation.



This is the most hypocritical act ever conceived by government.
Bail Organa
Perhaps so. But with this one hypocritical act, we can spare thousands of men and women from pain and death.
Roy Fure

In 18 BBY the Senate War Crimes Committee had brought up the subject of Reljji Desilijic, a leading member of the Hutt Cartel who had began expanding his rule of terror in Republic space. The Hutt violated several anti-slave and smuggling laws. However, because of Reljji's connection to in-state powers the committee was not able to punish him through legal methods. Therefore the council opted to bring the crimelord to justice using more unconventional means.

The Committee chairman, Roy Fure, sent a request to the Cloning Alliance on Kamino asking for a series of clones to be used to destroy Reljji. As the clone's template, Fure choose to use the DNA of Jamey Farwell, one of the Hutt's favorite dancers, who had been tragically killed in an assassination attempt by Reljji's rivals. In this way, the Committee hoped that the clones would infiltrate the Hutt Cartel and destroy it from within.


Jaal is born.

RE.50-1 was the first of the six Farwell clones the Kaminoian created. Because of she was considered relatively "new" technology, RE.50-1 was not as skilled as her younger sisters, however, she was trained as their leader and battlefield commander.


As the other six sisters came into being, they were trained in the art of warfare. Because the Committee wanted to eliminate Reljji as quickly as possible grow acceleration was used and the assassins training was extremely intense. RE.50-1 was forced into a leadership position and the five others came to rely on her.

Unlike her sisters, One was required to think creatively and to work independently of other authorities. However, to make sure she stayed true the mission, the subject of alien rights was deeply ingrained into her. The training of the Six Sisters included traditional marksmen skills. However, knowing that the agents would have to be without weapons for at least some of their time in Reljji's lair, the Committee also had them trained in hand-to-hand combat.

Change in the ProgramEdit


One goes under the knife.

As the sister's training neared completion, Bail Organa, who had been against the plan, wanted to make sure that the six warriors could live a normal life after their mission of complete. Therefore he hired the Kaminoians to tamper with their genetics, to keep the effects of growth acceleration from being permanent.

The required surgery was extremely painful and One went through a great among on suffering. After the surgery she was considered a true Human for the first time and thus the name Jaal began to be used.

Moving ForwardEdit

Jaal and the rest of the Sisterhood were secretly smuggled to Coruscant. There she met with her creators for the first time. Roy Fure personally blessed each of the clones before they began discussing the details of their plan to destroy Reljji.

The main topic in question was how to get the Sisterhood into the Hutt's headquarters without creating too much suspicion. After many hours of discussion they agreed to use one of Reljji's contractors as a pawn. Using information acquired by the Committee's intelligence operatives the council sent the Sisterhood to captured a Toydarian named Westa. A drug dealer with known ties to Reljji, Westa has famous for kissing up to his superiors. The Toydarian had a large mansion on his homeworld, where Jaal assumed she could find him.


Jaal takes out Westa

She and her sisters broke into the masion, killing all in their way. Westa was fearful by nature and had many security droids defending his quarters. The Sisterhood made good on their skills and cut down all in their way. Soon Westa was in their custody. Jaal threatened to execute Westa on the spot if he did not do as they asked. The gangster reluctantly agreed. Therefore Westa flew all six sisters to Nal Hutta whether he arranged a meeting with Reljji.

<A gift for you, my master. Six dancers of Farwell's likeness.>

The Sisterhood of Six entered the Palace of Reljji unarmed and unsuspected. As rehearsed, Westa presented the six assassins to the Hutt, who was delighted to see his favorite slave girl reborn. Immediately the sisters became immersed in slave life. This was part of their plan to overthrow the Hutt.


Arica as Jaal

Jaal dances before Reljji.

The Sisterhood became a common sight at Reljji's palace. They would dance in shifts so that the Hutt was always being treated to the sight of his slaves. As some of the six danced the other worked. Bugs were planted and the assassins established a communicative link with their masters. They were told to gain as much information about his organization as possible before killing Reljji. However, their plans were put on hold because of the Hutt's new slave policy. Because one of Reljji's slaves had escaped him he determined to impose stricter regulations on his slaves. They were chained at all times except when dancing and were often confined. Guards were constantly watching the Hutt's breathing property and were ordered to kill all those trying to escape. With this new yoke placed upon them the Sisterhood was unable to get the information the Committee wanted. Therefore Jaal proposed a risky plan. The six slave essentially went on strike, refusing to dance unless the new regulations were repealed. At first Reljji tried to put down the minor insurrection having the sisters whipped. But having gone through rigorous training, Jaal and her allies didn't let out a sound during their punishment. Some other slaves protested. Before long the protest went beyond the dance floor. Workers and builders also went on strike. Fearing open rebellion Reljji hired mercenaries to help control the slaves. The mercenaries carried out the execution of five slave, known of which included the sisters. However, it was enough to lose the support of many slaves. Soon only Jaal and her sisters challenged the Hutt.

<Right now you are no good to me alive. So why should I not kill you? There are five girls just waiting to replace you.
Reljji Desilijic

Despite the odds the assassins remained steadfast. Eighteen days into the strike, Jaal was called to Reljji's presence. She was given a choice to either dance before him again or be killed. Still hoping to come up on top, Jaal compromised. She would dance before the Hutt for as long as Reljji desired, if her sisters would be free for that same timeframe. Reljji agreed.

Spinning out of controlEdit

As Jaal danced and pleased her master the rest of the Sisterhood worked quickly. They successfully hacked into Reljji's computer network and wired all the information back to their creators. They also managed to establish a small weapons stash outside of the throne room. Things took a turn for the worse, however, when a guard caught RE.50-4 stealing a monitor from the computer room. Four was taken before Reljji. Infuriated by the trouble the sisters had caused him he sought to make an example. The sisters were called together and forced to watch as Four was killed. Infuriated by her friend's death Jaal made a hasty decision. She stated that Reljji would be brought to justice that very day. Obtaining weapons from their discrete stash, the Sisterhood of Six sought vengeance for their lost member.

Jabba the Hutt

Reljji is killed.

The sisters killed the Hutt's guards and it seemed that they would be successful in their quest. However, Reljji's mercenary army came to his aid. The hirelings rained fire on the assassins. Jaal took cover behind her bulky ex-master. As the fire-fight continued RE.50-1 killed Reljji Desilijic. However, she would be the only to survive. Presuming that they had killed all the rebel slaves the mercenaries left.


Pledged by guilt and remorse, Jaal went into self-imposed exile. War Crimes Committee member, Bail Organa, gave her place on his homeworld. There she stayed a number of years. Trying to start over Jaal tried to get a job at multiple organizations. But it seemed that the one thing she could do was the one thing she refused to do: kill.

Behind the scenesEdit

My goal in creating this article was not form yet another hot female assassin. Rather it was take the cliche and twist it. My first step toward this goal was to give her a character that went beyond 'sexy'. In this way making her looks secondary. Step two I was less successful at. This was to choose images that were less appealing physically. The images that ended up in the article are definitely appealing, but less so then my other options. However, this was necessary to some extent. I liked the idea that Reljji's lust was what got him killed. This is a message many fanonites, myself included, should be listening to.
Red Head Rider

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