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RC-1221, or Delta-21, was one of the first clone Commando Assassin. He was located in Delta squad 6 of the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Delta-21 became known as "Adenn", which means "merciless" in Mando'a, because of his merciless habit when it battle. During the first year of Adenn's life the first five hundred clones from Project AV were born.


Birth of an assassinEdit

Delta-21 started life out in a pod of three other brothers including himself, RC-1145, RC-1082, and RC-1124, who would become the leader of the group. His brothers and himself were raised by a male Kaminoan by the name of Shuae Basi until the year 30 BBY.

During this time 21 was taught to cooperate with his brothers in order to achieve the ultimate objective, but still he was only a child. He would finally forget this training, but always cooperated with his brothers. He formed a special bond with his brother 82 during this time and they became very close. At the beginning of the year 29 BBY, 21 and his brothers were handed over to Dearh Nue, a very experienced trainer.

Nue took pride in training squads and soon would became very proud of 21. During their first two years, Nue did not push them as much as he would later on in their life, but they still were expected to excel greatly. In the year 27 BBY, Nue decided to test the Commandos' progress with a battle facing them with shock blasters.

So one by one they faced each other but 21 did not face his brothers. Instead he chose to face his master, not the first or the last too try to bring Nue down. Nue was hoping 21 would give him a hard fight, but he never expected for the Commando to beat him. A few minutes into the fight Nue found himself to be lying on his back on the ground looking up at his student. 21 helped his master up and looked at him for approval, however, Nue knew 21 didn't need the approval for he could see the clone's pride shining through his eyes.

Shortly after Nue discovered the reason his student was able to bring him down so quickly. 21 had hit his spinal cord in an exact spot so many times that it made his spine shut down. For a student to have the knowledge on how to bring someone own and the potential to do it amazed Nue. A few months later Nue took 21 before the Elder Kaminoans and suggested that the Commando be given Advanced Training.

This is my student twenty- one, Elder Les. Great wisdom does his mind hold, and even greater is the knowledge it has allowing him to proceed in what he wants.
—Dearh Nue speaking of 21 to Elder Kaminoans

After the meeting Nue began giving his student Advanced Training preparing him for what was to come. Just before the end of 26 BBY, 21 was placed in a stimulation room with what he though was a brethren clone trooper. What Nue had done was taken a Commando unit 3 years older than 21 and placed him in trooper uniform to see how good the Commando actually was.

It only took 21 four minutes before once again he stood over his opponent. Afterward, Nue decided to test 21's sword skills and so he entered the room with his student once again. He gave his student a vibrosword and decided to make it an unfair fight, so he himself received two vibroswords and yet it did not intimidate 21 to quit. 21 faced his master and while doing so broke Nue's left leg and the left side of his collarbone. Nue was then unable to train 21 and his brothers and so the squad was placed under another trainer.

Vau's, names, armorEdit



Shortly after Nue's injuries in the year 25 BBY, Delta Squad 6 was placed under the trainer Walon Vau who was also training Delta Squad 12. Vau was a great trainer and expected great things from his students. Delta squad 6 and 12 were pushed into becoming the best of the best of the best and they would soon earn the title. While watching Delta Squad 12 train 21 noticed RC-1207.

He watched him as he fought against his brothers and excelled greatly. 21 also noticed that Vau admired all his students but took a greater pride in both 07 and RC-1138 who fought like Mandolorian warriors. 21 was eager to gain approval with his new master and so when the time came for them to face each other one by one he defeated them.

Upon coming face to face with 38 in battle, 21 noticed his fighting style and took it into heart. He quickly learned it just by watching 38, but never really knew what form it was. Vau, however, quickly noticed 21's ability to teach himself and found great favor in the Commando. During a droid training stimulation in late 25 BBY, Vau noticed 21's fighting style to match both 07's and 38's, but he was much more aggressive and merciless.

Thus, Vau nicknamed his student RC-1221 Adenn, which stood for merciless in Mando'a. Vau eventually gave nicknames to most of his students, but some preferred their designation. Finally the day came in early 23 BBY when the Commando's received their armor.

Delta Squad 12's armor was placed as: The leader RC-1138, now known as Boss, was given orange armor with white backgrounds which meant being the leader he was now a Commando Paramount. RC-1140, now known as Fixer, was given green armor with very little white making him a Commando Hunter. RC-1262, now known as Scorch, was given gray and yellow armor making him a Commando Grenadier.

Finally, RC-1207, now known as Sev, was given all white armor with no distinctive markings making him a Commando Assassin.

Delta Squad 6's armor was placed as: The leader RC-1124, now Jate the Mando'a word for "good", received gold and white armor and being the leader he became a Commando Fortune. RC-1145, now Prudii the Mando'a word for "Shadow", received black armor making him now a Commando Shadow Stalker. RC-1082, now Verd, the Mando'a word for warrior, received armor much like RC-1140 making him a Commando Hunter also. Then RC-1221, now Adenn, received his white armor like RC-1207.

Mission to L'weekEdit

After 21 his armor he was partnered with RC-1192 a Commando from Delta Squad 17. Now they were to board a gunship and headed for the planet L'week, a savage planet home to the humanoid dinosaurs known as Ssi-Ruuks. The two Commandos were not to call for evac until they had both slain a Ssi-Ruuk and painted their armor with its blood. Two days before the Commandos left Vau wrote in his journal.

RC-1221, now my student Adenn, and RC-1192, now Nue's student A'denla, have both been given the rank of Commando Assassin. In two days they will depart to L'week to slay a Ssi-Ruuk. Each will have to take his own and then paint his armor. I have no fear that they won't return, I only fear that after they leave the planet, the Ssi-Ruuk will be an extinct creature.
— Walon Vau writing in his journal about A'denla and Adenn's mission to L'week.

Finally the two boarded the gunship and headed for L'week. When they arrived near the planet the gunship flew into the planet's atmosphere and stopped. Adenn and A'denla, jumped from the ship and it flew away. They activated their jet packs and landed on the planets surface soon after. As soon as they set foot on the planets surface they turned off their jetpacks and each took out an enhanced vibrosword.

A'denla motioned to Adenn and Adenn nodded back. They began creeping through the forest and after about three hours heard the faint sound of leaves crunching. Adenn stopped and motioned A'denla to move forward. He did so and in the distance saw two Ssi-Ruuks. Just the number they needed. A'denla put away his sword and took out a rifle. Adenn still held his sword ready if another Ssi-Ruuk ambushed them from the back. A'denla aimed and pull the trigger and the only thing you could hear was the cry from the Ssi-Ruuk.

The two Commandos quickly switched places and now Adenn took out his rifle while A'denla watched the back with a vibrosword. As soon as the other Ssi-Ruuk noticed his companion was dead, he looked around and Adenn pulled the trigger. An eerie cry once again went through the planet's forest and now the two Commandos went to claim what they had killed.

When the Commandos arrived at the creatures they saw something that wasn't too good. The Ssi-Ruuk A'denla had shot was a female and in her cold, dead hands she held a baby wrapped in cloths. The Commandos decided to put the baby somewhere after they painted their armor. When they were finished they replaced their armor onto their bodies and grabbed the baby. They then called for a Stealth Gunship and when it arrived headed for the Ssi-Ruuk city.

The ship activated its cloaking device and soon arrived at the city. It slowly and quietly lowered closer to the city and a Commando Shadow Stalker stepped out of the ship and placed the baby on a stump. The Ssi-Ruuks in the city were amazed when the baby just appeared for they had not heard, seen, or smelled an intruder. They soon learned why the baby was there by a note the Commandos left on the baby written in their language. The Ssi-Ruuks then began the hunt for the bodies and the two Commandos escaped.

Joining of the squadEdit

After his mission to L'week, Adenn was placed back into Delta Squad 6 and they headed for Geonosis. Here Adenn was seriously injured but was able to make it through. After that they were placed at Kamino for security work and after that Adenn and the squad were moved to Utapau.

Here Adenn's brother Prudii tried to save RC-1124 but failed. The squad continued on, but later RC-1013 was placed as their leader. Shortly afterward, Order 66 was given and the squad continued with their orders. However order Grand Security was given shortly after and all but Adenn and RC-1013 obeyed order Order 66. Adenn and RC-1013 fought off their two other brothers and escaped on a Class II Commando Gunship.

After that they headed for Kamino and here the cloning of the Commando IIs began. The rest of Delta Squad 6 moved on, becoming Imperial Delta now working under Darth Sidious.

Later in lifeEdit

When the Kaminoans fled to the planet Khomm, Adenn's wife, a RFC, gave birth to a son. Later the son was named Ade which meant son in Mando'a.

Adenn was one of the many Commandos that returned to Kamino for Grand Security. He was also one of the many clones to love a RFC