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He was our best leader...Now that I think about it, we only had him and 13. Yup, he was our best.
— RC-1082 speaking of RC-1124

RC-1124, also known as Delta-24 was a clone Commando Fortune in the Grand Army of the Republic. He was later nicknamed Jate, the Mando'a word for "good" by his teacher Walon Vau.


The beginningEdit

RC-1124 started life out in a pod with for other brothers. He was a Commando and advanced fighting machine for the Republic. In his early years he was raised by male Kaminoan Shuae Basi. During this time he learned the cooperation of a team, but they were children at the time and would quickly forget it. In early 29 BBY he and his brothers were handed over to Dearh Nue. For the first year of the life Nue continued teaching them cooperation but then finally the time came in the year 27 BBY for them to become ruthless like the Mandalorians they were.

One by one the squad faced each other, however, when the time came for RC-1221, 24's brother, to face his other brother RC-1082, the clone refused. Instead the Commando chose to face his master and so he got the chance. 24 and his other brothers watched as the two entered the room and when they came out Nue was limping over 21's shoulder. From then on 24 watched his younger brother closely taking in all he could, but too bad it was never enough.

Two years later in the year late 26 BBY, Nue again entered the dueling room with his student 21. This time they face each other with vibroswords and this 24 and his brothers could see them. Nue charged at his student and some how 21 broke Nue's left leg and the right side of his collarbone. After that the Elder Kaminoans placed the squad to dangerous to Nue and so they were placed under a more ruthless Mandalorian teacher.

Missions as a commanderEdit

After the incident with Dearh Nue, DS6 was placed under Walon Vau. Here 24 and his squad were taught to have no mercy. 24 learned his lesson well and was one of Vau's favorite students. During training 24 received the nickname Jate, by Walon Vau. He decided to keep it, however his brother RC-1138 received the nickname Jatne the Mando'a word for best, but did not keep it.

Soon after the Commandos were given their armor and Jate was placed as a Commando Commander. He received a gold colored Katarn class III armor making him a Commando Fortune. The squads still trained for two years until 22 BBY were DS6 was sent to Geonosis. Here they destroyed a capital ship along with Delta Squad 12. The squad nearly escaped with Adenn seriously injured.

Now the squad headed to Kamino for security patrol. It was told that a Separatist force was trying to disable the Kamino cloning facility and so Jate and his squad were placed on the job. After finding the Separatist, Jate's right hand man Prudii shot down the Separatist leader. Their mission on Kamino was complete.

The squad was now moved to Utapau where they were to help Delta Squad 12 once again. They had to destroy the droid factories located here. However, during the first hours of the mission Jate was shot at. His squad mate Prudii stood in front of Jate taking the shot to himself. As Jate helped his brother up, he was shot in the head from behind and killed.


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