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R2-D3 was an Astromech droid.


Early lifeEdit

R2-D3 was created on Naboo by the smuggler Han Solo in 33 BBY, the same year R2-D2 was created. Artoo, as R2-D3 was called, and Han Solo together traveled the galaxy in the Millennium Falcon. Artoo was activated the day that Han Solo won the Falcon from General Calrissian. Artoo accompanied Han throughout his early adventures.


Artoo saved the Falcon many times, including a time where the ship crashed onto Dagobah. D3 re-activated the ship's hyperdrive engine, and the ship lifted out of the water and through the atmosphere. The Falcon again crashed after being chased by the Imperial Star Destroyer Venator near Hoth. This time, Artoo allowed the vessel to land just in time for the attack on Hoth. Artoo was damaged when the ship was shot at by the Star Destroyer Executioner near the Vergesso Asteroid belt. Another R2 unit, R2-D2 saved the ship's hyperdrive engines during the battle.

In the fleetEdit

Artoo was accepted into the Rebel Academy in 14 BBY. He was transferred to the Defiance star defender to act as the tactical officer on the bridge. After twelve years on the ship and many battles against the Empire, he was transferred again, this time to the Home One super star defender to act as commander. He was on board during the Battle of Endor.

Beginning the battleEdit

R2-D3 beeped and whistled as Home One dropped out of hyperspace. The protocol droid serving under him assured him that all would be fine, that the Rebels would destroy the Second Death Star. Then, Admiral Ackbar stated, "It's a trap!" Artoo then took over control of the bridge turbolaser array and shot down several squads of TIEs from his console. Suddenly, a massive Star Destroyer appeared and opened fire. Artoo shot at their Energy Globes, which, in turn, vaporized. The starship was vulnerable to any attack. R2-D3 then got control of all the ship's weapons and beeped a command at the protocol droid who told Admiral Ackbar his plan. He nodded yes and the weapons released a death blow to the Star Destroyer. The ship vaporized a few seconds later, and the crew cheered. Then, on Ackbar's order, Artoo opened fire on the SSD Executor, which fired a blast back. Suddenly, an A-wing spiraled out of control and headed straight for the ship's bridge.

In the middleEdit

The ship collided with the bridge and detonated the command center, causing the ship to spiral out of control. The ship then vaporized on impact with the Second Death Star. The crew on board the Home One cheered and R2-D3 beeped satisfactorily. But wait, Artoo thought, what about the other ships? He opened fire on a Star Destroyer, the Serpent, and vaporized the ship instantly. Ten TIE squads came from the remaining Star Destroyers, but the fleet destroyed them. Only a few Star Destroyers remained, and the attack squad went into the Second Death Star. The fleet attacked the ships one by one, and one by one they vaporized. Then, the blast was detected. The Death Star was about to explode.

The endEdit

The fleet moved away to a safe distance away from the Death Star, and it was vaporized in a purple-yellow explosion that left the Falcon scorched. Artoo then returned to Naboo, where he received twenty-five awards for his service. He was last seen aboard the Home One when it ventured out into the unknown.