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R. Jones was a Human replica droid created by the Galactic Empire. The droid was one of a number of weapons that was created by Admiral-turned-Warlord Celie Namgadi and used in her (very) short-lived campaign of terror.


R. Jones (The "R" was never explained and was likely a codename) was developed by an offshoot of the same team that developed Guri. Designed as an "advanced" model, the droid was designed to be superior to Guri in every way. The designers crafted it with such perfection that they claimed that it would be impossible to tell the droid from a normal human with anything short of a detailed medical exam.

The droid was designed to work alongside admiral Namgadi, assisting her in various roles while overseeing the development of her various weapons projects, while at the same time ensuring the loyalty of her staff. As a part of its role in interacting with her staff, he was programmed with a pleasant, friendly personality and an exceptionally nice speaking voice. People couldn't help but like the droid, even while remaining unaware of its true nature and programming.

Following a battle with in 5 ABY, R. was rebuilt with several internal weapons bays. These weapons included several Micro-missile launchers as well as blasters. Due to the skill of the engineers that worked on the project, no external signs of these modifications could be seen; the Droid appeared to be just as human as it had before.


R. Jones was created in 6 BBY as a part of Admiral Namgadi's secret weapons development. The entire project was funded by Admiral Namgadi using funds siphoned off her controversial Wide Landspeeder Tax. The droid was assigned to work in amongst her staff, assisting them with their research while at the same time covertly spying on them to ensure their loyalty.

The droid was also dispatched on numerous special missions for Admiral Namgadi across the course of its career. Many of these were infiltration roles where the droid would use its pleasant personality and demeanor to gain the confidence of its targets. While normally the droid was sent against the Rebel Alliance, other groups such as the Black Sun were also its targets. In one instance, the Droid was able to con a local Black Sun Leader, "Big" Skieve into forking over a large amount of his ill-gotten gains as well as the keys to his own, rather wide, landspeeder.

In 5 ABY, one of the droid's missions went awry; while infiltrating a Rebel research facility, its presence was detected by one of the Rebel's own HRDs, the infamous Robo-Leia 9000 with Death-Ray Eyes. The Rebel Droid opened fire on the infiltrator, damaging the droid before it could escape. Realizing a shortcoming of the design, Admiral Namgadi ordered the Droid upgraded with new weapons systems to defend itself.

These measures proved to be unsuccessful; in 9 ABY the droid attempted to again infiltrate the Rebellion only to be captured. During its interrogation, the Alliance learned of the existence of the Nostril of Palpatine, a superweapon that Admiral Namgadi had been covertly developing for over a decade. (They did not, however, at any point, realize that the droid was indeed a droid). Information gathered from the droid allowed them to then acquire the plans and location of the weapon, then plan an attack.

The attack proved to be a great success; Admiral Namgadi was caught completely unaware by the Rebel forces, leaving the Raid on the Nostril of Palpatine dangerously exposed and without fleet support. Before she could recall her fleet, the battlestation was destroyed by the rebels, the Admiral herself being killed in the ensuing explosion.

In the meantime, R. Jones managed to escape from the Rebel forces. Stealing a ship, he fled the Rebel base before he could be stopped. Where he went form there is unclear, as he made no efforts to rejoin the Admiral's forces.