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Tevin Felth is a Colonel in the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps currently assigned to New York City.

Quotes from him Edit

In the Empire Edit

Max Veers is lucky I didn't shot him myself.
—Giving his thoughts on General Veers.
I believe that as much as Judge Judy believes 95% of her litagants.
—Catching people tellimg him a lie.
If anyone tries to be stupid, there's plenty of room at Imperial Detention. Or Rikers.
—Dealing with a hostile barroom.
If you don't stop jerking us around, I'm going to leave you in the room with him.
—Cooperate or else.
I was promoted because I'm not the one with a file that has to be stored at a public storage facility. I'm also the one with experience dealing with these cases and it had nothing to do with being the General's son.
—Explaining his promotion to a jealous Richie.
Could you explain that to us in an easy to understand way? Not all of us went to medical school. Pictures would help my partner here, however.
—Interrogating a doctor being accused of misconduct with female patients. The doctor has just used terms that Tevin and Mike don't understand.
I really don't get along with rich brats who think they can get away with murder. I'd really like to put then in a cell with a guy who's been in solitary for the past year and see what happens.
—Tevin gives his opinions on spoiled rich brats.

Living with Kelly Edit

Shut up, 3PO, or I'm gonna deactivate you.
—C-3PO's talking is beginning to annoy Tevin.
R2, there's something wrong with the stove again.
—Having R2 fix things before Tevin destroys them.
Why does he keep running away?
—About R2-D2.
These are things I destroyed and don't want her to find out about. Toaster, Blender, Stereo.
—Talking to the neighbor.
Richie, I don't think the droid likes you.
—Explaining R2's behavior.
I hope his life turns out happy.
—Bringing his new son home.
You tell the kids a story, I'm driving around Queens until Chris is asleep.
—Commenting on C-3PO telling his kids a bedtime story.
What's cooking over there? Squirrels or pigeons?
—His neighbor is cooking roadkill again.

Galactic Wrestling Alliance Edit

This is my house, my ring, and my rules.
—Telling the WWE's Executive Assistant the way things work in the GWA.
Tonight, you're going one-on-one with ME!
—Dealing with trouble.
The wig shop called. They need to measure your head.
—Making fun of the WWE Chairman being shaved bald.
Get out of my face, before you get hurt.
—Giving a stern warning to someone before he places them in a match against his enforcer.
When that draft occurs, your life is going to be a living nightmare.
—Cutting the next boss-crosser off in his tracks.
It's quite simple. Attack the referee, lose your match, and lose your job.
—Preventing another screwjob from happening.
The WWE is screwing the WWE.
—Blaming the WWE for its own problems.
I'm here to put you out of business and save mine. I'm here because you hired fatso to ruin my business after he robbed me of it and then sold out to inflate your hot air filled ego so you could run it in your own perverted image after he ruins it again. It's not gonna happen. Then again, robbing people is your sort of thing. You proved that nine years ago. You also showed me that people mean nothing but dollar signs to you. Dollar signs mean nothing to me, why? I wasn't born into money. I didn't have a billion dollar trust fund waiting for me. I never robbed employees of their dreams. I don't mock religion. I don't cheat on my wife with bimbos. I don't hire cheerleaders to feed my ego. I don't fire people for personal entertainment, I fire people because they deserve to be fired. And, I don't talk about my body parts on national television.
—First appearance on WWE RAW; August 2006. This cemented Tevin as a positive or face character.
Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce the new voice of the GWA. A close friend of mine and huge loudmouth, Richie Terrik.
—Introducing Richie as the GWA's new play-by-play commentator.
If you turn off the lights one more time. I will make you regret it.
—After a WWE authority turned off the lights in the middle of a match for the second week in a row.

Fake weddings Edit

Beloved, we are gathered here today because I'm the cheapest wedding in Queens and don't care who I marry as long as the check clears.
—Opening of weddings.
By the power vested in me by the New York State Gaming Commission, I now pronounce you um, married
—End of weddings. After this, he pretends to fall down drunk.

Dialogue Edit

  • Tevin has just towed a car and the owner is irate.
Tevin: You have a huge number of tickets outstanding.
Car owner: I paid all those tickets.
Tevin: The computer says "tickets outstanding, impound".
Car owner: Then your computer is wrong.
Tevin: Get me proof you paid them.
  • Tevin is introduced to Miguel.
Joe: Lt. Colonel Chavez, this is Colonel Felth. If I'm not around, you'll report to him.
Tevin: Call me Tevin. No one refers to anyone by the proper name and rank around here anyway.
Miguel: It's Miguel. What's your caseload like?
Tevin: We tend to have more homicides then anything. The NYPD is often known for stalling on certain kinds of cases. Khayman usually claims those cases for us.
Miguel: Khayman as in Bryan Khayman?
Tevin: One in the same. You'll do fine here.
Joe: I have to settle in other officers. Bring Miguel up to speed on your current case.
  • Tevin gives Max a head slap after finding out Max stole something from his desk.
Tevin: Mi, did you take that flash drive from my desk?
Miguel: Why would I take things from your desk when Max likes to take things from my desk?
Tevin: Interesting, very interesting. (walks over and slaps the back of Max's head)
Max: What was that for?
Tevin: Stealing stuff out of people's desks.

Quotes about him Edit

From Friends and Family Edit

Tevin can be sweet one second and complete moron the next, but I wouldn't leave him.
—Kelly Felth
Master Tevin reminds me of Captain Solo for some reason.
Now that I've gotten to know him a bit. He's very friendly, almost too friendly.
—Richie Terrik

From the WWE Chairman Edit

Tevin Felth is the worst thing to ever happen to this industry. I am the best thing to ever happen to this industry.
—August, 2006; after this Tevin attacked the chairman with a barbed wire bat.
He asks the fans what they want. That's why his business is in the toilet. I however, tell the fans what they want and they pay to see it. He'll let them see it for free. He's costing me money, but we won't be seeing Tevin Felth for a while soon. Because I'm going to beat him senseless.
—March, 2007; after this Tevin dared him to try it.
Why look, it's Tevin Felth with his head shaved bald. Like it will be this Sunday. Now that is a nice picture.
—March, 2007; after this Tevin came down and gave the chairman a Stunner.
If there is one thing I've learned about Tevin Felth in the past year. It's that, he knows what he's doing. He could be my child, but he isn't. I'm glad he isn't my child, he'd take me for every penny I have, because he's a snake and a leech.
—August, 2007
Tevin Felth has stolen something from the WWE and all of its fans. He has stolen the WWE Championship. Now, I intend to call him out and demand that he return the championship to me. If he does not, I can not be held responsible for what will happen to him. So Tevin Felth, get out here and give me back my championship. RIGHT NOW!
—October, 2007; Tevin sent a messenger who gave the chairman a Stunner and a beer bath before drinking 12 beers himself.
For the record, Tevin Felth is not the WWE Champion. Despite what the Board of Directors has decided. Tevin Felth will never be a WWE Champion, because he's hard-headed. He enjoys making a fool out of me every week. He enjoys watching people get drenched in beer. He enjoys mocking me. He enjoys suspending people for no reason. He enjoys destroying thousand-dollar suits. He enjoys mocking his so-called best friend in the WWE we're almost brothers we're so close. (Commentator: Who's mocking who now?) Most of all, he enjoys watching me get embarrassed. He enjoyed watching me get shaved bald at Wrestlemania 23. He enjoyed watching me get beat within an inch of my life. He enjoyed finding out I had a midget for a son. I am sick and tired of him and his little crew and I intend to do something about it. I intend to take back the WWE Championship and throw Tevin Felth and his little crew out of the WWE.
—November, 2007; after this Tevin's messenger Stunned and bathed the chairman in beer again.
Tevin Felth though it funny to show me being Stunned, bathed in beer, the destruction and vandalism of my personal property, me and my son receiving a disgusting shower, me being left lying in this very ring with my behind exposed for all to see, The night Tevin Felth put me in a Sharpshooter and then his cronies robbed me of a championship, the night Tevin Felth gave me an F-U through a table and said he enjoyed doing it so much that he went and did it again, the night I was shaved bald by Felth and Donald Trump on the grandest stage of all. What I am saying is that Tevin Felth needs to grow up. Tevin Felth needs to come to his senses and sell me the GWA. Of course when that happens, Mr Khayman will be fired for his role in stealing a championship from me. Felth's corrupt referees will be fired. Finally, any reference to the GWA will disappear. Most of all, I am looking forward to telling Tevin Felth; YOU'RE FIRED!.
—December, 2007; after Tevin played video clips on the previous week's GWA show of the Chairman and his son being embarrassed by Tevin and others.

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