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Richie Terrik is an Imperial Officer assigned to New York City. He is the only child of Mod Terrik.

Quotes Edit

Welcome to Harrah's Queens Village.
—After converting the Felth's garage into a casino.
Welcome to Richie's Bar.
—After converting the Felth's garage into a bar.
Does that droid ever shut up?
—Referring to C-3PO.
Do you know how much permits cost in this city?
—About the end of his garage business ventures.
I'm not a sore loser. Despite the family history, I don't commit murder and arson because I'm offended.
—After losing a dirt bike race to Tevin.
If I was upset with someone, we'd be on Jerry Springer having a fight.
—Meet the new Erik Jensen.
If I'm anything like my old man. The mob would be afraid of me. Should show Vinnie Donatelli Junior the pictures of what he did to the Lars family.
—Which is more gruesome? Pictures of a mob hit or Imperial troops under Vader's orders?
Ty, don't trust that clerk with anything personal. He has a habit of opening other people's mail and reading it or listening in on phone calls.
—Warning Tyler about Joe's nosy clerk.
Just so you know, the Empire executes murderers and rapists too, I think.
—Telling a suspect what sentence may be handed down.

Conversations Edit

  • Discussing the incident at the Arverne Bar with Tevin.
    • Richie: If that had been my dad there would have been an entire room full of dead people. And your dad would have dragged him in front of a Grand Jury too.
    • Tevin: He would have indicted your dad.
  • Discussing Tevin's recent behavior with Kelly.
    • Richie: I think he's trying to turn me into Mike.
    • Kelly: You're already half way there.
  • Discussing Internal Affairs with Tevin and Kelly.
    • Richie: I hate being in front of these people. They think they're above the chain of command.
    • Kelly: They tried to throw me out of my own lab. I had a squad show them out of the lab.
    • Tevin: I had a squad show them out of my desk.
    • Richie: Everytime they show up I start checking for hidden microphones and cameras. Maybe I'll have a squad show them to a cell somewhere. I've heard this called the Flagg Syndrome on TV.
  • Telling Tevin about his new girlfriend.
    • Richie: She's very playful. She kept me up all night as opposed to 3PO keeping me up all night complaining about everything.
    • Tevin: When's the wedding? Before or after the kid is born.
    • Richie: That livery car just ran a red light.
  • Richie and Tyler discuss Tevin which turns into a discussion about Richie's family.
    • Tyler: He once pointed his gun at me. Kelly called him off before he fired.
    • Richie: You're lucky Kelly was around. If she wasn't he could have shot you. I know I would have shot first if I was in his shoes back then.
    • Tyler: Well, violence and overreacting runs in your family. Davin told me the story about your old man, the farmer, and the missing droids.
    • Richie: Violence and overreacting does not run in my family. You have my Terriks confused with other Terriks, who if we were related to them, my dad would have shot as traitors when they allowed a certain marriage to happen.
    • Tyler: I'm confused now. What do you mean by other Terriks?
    • Richie: There's a smuggler or something along those lines with the same family name. His daughter married a Republic pilot. As far as I've even known and despite what the Felths may have told you, we're not related. If we were, it would not have been a very happy family reunion.
  • Richie and Tyler discuss Max while he and Kelly interrogate a suspect.
    • Richie: You think she wants one of us in there.
    • Tyler: Rule Number 22, never interrupt someone in interrogation for nonsense. Besides, she would have asked.
    • (Max walks right into the interrogation room with a folder.)
    • Richie: He's dead. How did you put up with him?
    • Tyler: Khayman keeps him in line. She should have Khayman-slapped him by now.
    • Richie: I don't think getting someone's PD file gets you slapped.
    • Tyler: You know someone's in really big trouble when Mossad is mentioned in an interrogation.
    • Richie: That's an empty threat, we have our own people for making evidence appear out of nowhere.
    • Tyler: (head slaps Richie) I think Kelly wanted me to do it.
    • Richie: You're not Khayman and I'm not Max.

GWA commentator Edit

Khayman said the guy that was here last week was a moron. Unlike that guy, I will live up to the standard that has been set in this chair. They will be censoring me more then they have to censor Springer. There are many reasons Tevin hired me for this job other then that I was on the payroll and doing basically nothing.
—His opening address as the GWA's new play-by-play commentator.
Maybe that "poser" should have thought twice before making an open challenge to our locker room. Knowing who or what would accept it and I hope the locker room is hearing me even though the average IQ back there is pretty low.
—After Tevin's right-hand man accepted an open challenge.
For once it's not my job to get involved when girls are fighting. I get to sit here and call every slap and kick. Maybe we should swap out the ref with Springer's security guards though.
—During a match featuring female wrestlers.
I don't know what Tevin sees in this kid, but somehow he manages to win.
—After a match featuring a wrestler covered in bandages.
My name is not Steve, so get it right or shut up.
—After another commentator called him "Steve" in an attempt to annoy him.
Guess what lady, that chokehold is perfectly legal in the GWA and if you don't like it that's just too damn bad.
—After the WCW president demanded that a GWA referee force a chokehold to be broken.
I've seen him on TV, but seeing his matches in person is really something else.
—After a wrestler jumped off a ladder onto his opponent.
This guy is a damn coward, come on Tev toss him back in there and take the skillet while you're at it.
—After a wrestler ran out of the ring with Tevin who was the referee chasing him.

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