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This page covers all Minor characters in New York City.

Cantoni, Joseph Edit

Felth, you, your family, and your children are pains in my rear end.
—One of his many insults towards Tevin Felth.
Mr. Khayman, I know who you are and I know why the NYPD won't back you up anymore. You can't threaten me.
—After Bryan Khayman threatened to have him locked up for repeatedly dumping materials on Tevin's property.
Hey Felth, put a muzzle on that baby.
—After Chris started crying due to Cantoni operating machinery while he was sleeping.
I am sick and tired of Felth, his kids, his family, his friends, his droids, his cars, his parties, his toys, and now I am sick of the holier then God; Jedi Moron Bryan J. Khayman threatening to have me arrested just because I'm having stuff put on Felth's property.
—Hanging himself in court after being sued by Tevin for disposing his waste on Tevin's property again.

Donatelli, Vincent Jr. Edit

You people don't know nothin` about nobody.
—Bribing city officals to hinder the Empire.
My father took on Khayman and the Empire. He lost the war and his life.
—Talking to a drug cartel that claims it will dispose of Bryn Khayman.
What's your price Joey?
—Attempting to bribe Joseph Rodgers.
Now that I think about it, was Erik always that stupid?
—After Erik Jensen visited Joe and Vinnie in the hospitial and nearly sat on Joe's leg where Vinnie shot him to save face in front of his father's henchmen.

Gibbons, Shawn Edit

I want a droid.
—After working with R2-D2.
The next time I see an orange envelope on the car, you're paying it
—After Ryan Pratchard got him a parking ticket.
Were you dropped on your head as a baby?
—Talking to Erik Jensen.

Khayman, Jennifer Edit

B.J. if I say it was related to your Jedi powers and I didn't know about it, it's not suborning perjury.
—After she asked Bryan to tell witnesses what to say on the stand.
I have a very high rate of convictions because I do what it takes to get results. As Imperial Officers you should know that. Too bad my husband is stashed somewhere. I'd still be working here with you two, not raising his kids because he started a war with the mob.
—Meeting Davin Felth and Ryan Pratchard.

Martinez, Anna Edit

Tiler was in prison? I guess that's what he means by past experience.
—After Miguel explained to her what Tyler meant by past experience.
People and things that are louder then the subway don't last long in the Bronx.
—After C-3PO began to annoy her.
Migel's trying to hide his feelings from me. Tiler told me the last girl he was with walked out on him after he chose the job over her.
—Talking to Kelly and Jessie about Miguel.
Would she have been happier if he was killed by a drug cartel?
—After Miguel's mother blamed her for Miguel's injuries.

Terrik, Amy Edit

I'm trying to get a baby to sleep and you two are out here revving engines.
—After Richie and Tyler revved the engines on their cars.
I never thought I'd meet someone like Richie. Of course, I didn't know I was getting Tyler as part of the deal.
—Talking to Anna about Richie.
Richie, you are worse then the baby sometimes.
—After Richie left a mess in the kitchen.

Thompson, Sam Edit

If anyone asks, I was never here.
—Before leaving a location, he tells people to forget he was there.
Let me tell you something, Santiago. We know who you are. We know about your little book making operation. You have two choices, come clean or else.
—Talking to Miguel.

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