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Quiana Lankari is a Rutian Twi'lek who was the former Master of Jedi Knight Tahné Amelie.


Early LifeEdit

Quiana was born on Taris. Her immigrant parents died in a violent raid on their home when she was only four months old, though for reasons unknown the raiders did not kill her. Instead they took her to an orphanage for children in the Lower City, where she was raised amongst other children, most of them alien of some description.

When Quiana was eight she and three other Twi'lek females were adopted by an unknown human man. However, instead of the loving homes he had promised, he sold the alien girls to a local gangster; a Hutt named Slugga.

Quiana and the three Twi'leks that had been sold lived a life of misery at the beck and call of Slugga. However fate would prove to be kind when Slugga met his end at the hands of a bounty hunter named Jack Astran.

Jack brought Quiana to his cousin and friend Vida Embros, who was a Jedi Knight. After reassuring the young Twi'lek that she would not be enslaved again, Vida took Quiana with her to Coruscant.


On Coruscant, Quiana was taken to the Jedi Council and submitted for testing. Although she was almost too old, the Jedi Order accepted her and her training on Coruscant began.

Although most youngling Jedi spend many years of training in the Temple, Quiana spent only two years in the Temple before she was taken on as a Padawan by Vida Embros c. 3,996 BBY. The Great Sith War had just ended, and the human Jedi who had secured Quiana's safety preferred to teach her Padawans reality outside the Jedi Temple.

For the next fifteen years Quiana studied under Master Vida. The Great Sith War had left deep scars on the Republic's stability, and they spent their time traveling to damaged worlds and rebuilding from scratch. When Quiana was twenty-five, c. 3,981 BBY, she underwent the tests at the Temple and was made into a Jedi Knight. Free from her initial Padawan studies, Quiana journeyed back to Taris, hoping to make peace with the past that had troubled her since childhood.

The Calm Before the StormEdit

Eight years passed in which Quiana traveled back and forth between Taris and her parents' homeworld of Ryloth, searching for information on her family history. However her efforts proved to be in vain. She gave up and headed back to Coruscant.

The day after she arrived, Quiana was taken to inspect the apprentices; the Council assumed she had decided to take a Padawan. Although that was not her original decision, a small, fiery-haired human girl caught her attention. Her name was Tahné Amelie of Naboo. After talking with the youngling Quiana agreed to take her as a Padawan. Together Master and apprentice left Coruscant for a 'taste of reality', as Quiana quoted her old Master. It was at this time that the Mandalorian clans were beginning to conquer small Outer Rim worlds, paving the way for a future conflict.

The Mandalorian WarsEdit

In early 3,965 BBY Quiana and Tahné were ordered to return to Coruscant after completion of a diplomatic task on Alderaan. They were on route to Coruscant when their ship, the Azarael, was attacked and boarded by several fully armed warriors they had never seen before. While Tahné fended off the beings' attacks, Quiana went to fire on the ship, hoping to disengage the boarding partition so they could escape. Just after she left a lone warrior boarded the ship and faced Tahné in battle.

Quiana successfully disengaged from the ship, but wounded the warrior in the process before raising the loading ramp of the ship. Tahné took the injured being to the medbay. After extensive questioning he revealed to her that he was a Mandalorian warrior by the name of Brynn Ordo. Tahné let her Master know that she had made a promise to the man not to let him be interrogated forcibly by the Senate. Quiana, annoyed at her Padawan's impulsive nature, doubted the Senate would be so accommodating.

Only hours after the Mandalorian had been stranded on the Azarael, the ship landed on Coruscant and after being met by a delegation, including the Supreme Chancellor, two Senators and three Jedi Masters, the Mandalorian was taken away for questioning.

Once back in the Jedi Temple, Tahné outspokenly expressed her displeasure at Brynn's interrogation, declaring the promise she had made. Her barely checked anger at the Council and her Master disturbed several members of the Council, and after they had dismissed her, they relayed their concerns to Quiana, who promised to watch for any signs of erratic behavior in her Padawan.

Several days later, Quiana was meditating in the Jedi Temple when word reached her of a disturbance in the Senate's interrogation room. Fearing her Padawan's impulsiveness, Quiana was departing the Temple when several Republic guards arrived with a furious Tahné. It was at this point that she began to seriously fear for her Padawan's devotion to the light.

After the incident Tahné was disciplined by the Jedi Council, and several Council members began to doubt the teenager's dedication to the Jedi Order. After a mediated council in which Master Quiana and Tahné were both present, the Council made the decision not to exile Tahné, but to use study and experience to discourage her from letting her anger influence her.

The Jedi Council decreed that Tahné would have the responsibility of handling the fate of Brynn Ordo, the Mandalorian she had cared for on the Azarael. This was one of the few times in her life that Quiana strongly disagreed with their decision. Later that day she talked with Tahné, warning her against the lure of the dark side.

However, Quiana's warnings proved to be in vain. Brynn Ordo escaped, and while she suspected her Padawan of having a hand in the escape, it was never proved.

Padawan's DefianceEdit

As the year of 3,964 BBY began the Mandalorians poured into Republic space from three different sectors and began to conquer worlds in earnest. In the course of a few months the Republic was almost turned on its ear, and Tahné was the subject of interest at the Temple due to her brief friendship with a Mandalore warrior.

Also the subject of talk were two Jedi Knights named Revan and Malak. While the Jedi Council refused the Republic's petition for help, they demanded action. In particular Revan's charismatic speeches and Malak's righteous disposition influenced many Jedi, Master and Padawan alike. Eventually Revan and Malak left the Republic to join the Navy with many Jedi crusaders behind them. Tahné was one of them.

With the loss of her Padawan, Quiana impulsively swore that she would never take another apprentice. She disappeared from Coruscant, and for years her whereabouts were unknown.

Jedi Civil WarEdit

The Mandalorian Wars passed with neither sight nor sound from Quiana Lankari. However, when a call was sent to all Jedi to aid in the Battle for Rakata Prime, a strange Tarisian model M4 fighter was seen assaulting the Star Forge along with the Republic cruisers and capital ships.

Soon after the battle ended, Quiana Lankari reappeared with no explanation or excuse for her disappearance. She began to work for the Council again, traveling to damaged worlds and aiding like she had as a Padawan, many years ago.

When the remaining Sith began to hunt and kill the Jedi like animals, Quiana was one of the first to be assassinated. She met her end on Tatooine in the Dune Sea, overwhelmed by blaster fire and two Sith Jedi. Her body was never recovered.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Quiana Lankari was a realistic, sometimes blunt woman who preferred peace to combat; unlike her former Padawan Tahné Amelie. She was raised on Taris, a planet known for its prejudice towards alien species, and as such she was suspicious and mistrustful of others at a young age.

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