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Qui Tu
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Bounty Hunters' Guild

Qui Tu was a renowned bounty hunter and the brother of Gann Tu. He was involved in plot against Riyo Chuchi in 24 BBY and was a big fan of podracing, he even attended Boonta Eve Classic in 32 BBY.


Early lifeEdit

Born and raised on Pagda just like his brother, Gann, Qui quickly learned all need skills for bounty hunting from his father. At the age of fourteen, he started hanging out with some mercenaries in Bunto Cantina on Pagda and soon he entered a crime world.

Hunter LifeEdit

In 32 BBY, he entered the Hunter's Cage Event on Pagda with nineteen other mercenaries and bounty hunters. In Hunter's Cage, they were not allowed to use any kind of shooting weapons. Entering the cage, he was suddenly attacked by Duros Flead Cyserron. In close combat, Tu managed to kill Flead with a vibroblade. He then hit Gungan Jar Nutt with an electrostaff and stabbed Dass Pike with the vibroblade, but soon he got hit in the leg by Kaleesh Reo Eshyal, ending at the fifth place.

At some point in 31 BBY, he was seen kissing an unknown Chiss woman on Sirat by smuggler Neo Skimmrich while entering his transport shuttle. In 30 BBY Yarezzya was born, son of unidentified Chiss woman and Qui Tu.

Sometime prior being hired by Jo Duncan, Qui had gambling problems. He was seen by bounty hunters Equeel Weet and Hilame Jash on Tatooine while lost his money in podracing bet. Local shop owner won the bet and wanted his money, but Qui refused giving money and started accusing him of cheating. Shop owner and his friends started fight with Qui. It is unknown how the fight ended.

Protecting Jo DuncanEdit

In 30 BBY, Qui was hired by Sullustan podracer Jo Duncan to protect him because he started receiving threatening messages and even one of his Blarths was found dead. Duncan was a member of Podracing Night Show and he and his fellow podracers started receiving threatening messages one week before hiring Qui Tu as his protector. He needed his protection because he and other podracers—who also hired different bounty hunters—had to go on cruise around galaxy so they could host their show on thirty different planets. Soon, Qui found out that the spy had entered the cruise and he was planning to kill all podracers. Qui soon befriended bounty hunter Jedaan Connor and the two investigated on the ship, trying to find the spy, but they failed.

The first show was set in the Bakhtazsky Arena in Gelnatubbi on planet Glupacha. Before entering the arena, Qui and Jedaan saw bounty hunter Jekk Kikiriki going in the darkened part of arena. Qui and Jedaan had seen Jekk giving money to three men wearing black-white clothes, but they could not see their faces because they were covered with masks. Jekk soon left the room and the black-white men were talking about something in a language Qui and Jedaan never heard of. Jedaan recorded the talk between the black-white men. After the three men left the room, Qui and Jedaan followed them to the Qenjo Bar in the Seeascha area, close to the Bakhtazsky Arena. The two tried to find out the names of the mysterious men from the barman, but he did not know their names. Next day, they returned to ship and informed Kikiriki's hirer Demonn Flexx, also a podracer, and showed pictures of the money exchange to police inspector Rikkard Wammo. Soon they imprisoned Jekk in the cruiser's jail. The same day, four podracers including Duncan, Flexx, Connor's hirer Liqwe Jell and Rikki Wan Dirribann were talking about previous events in Duncan's guestroom. Flexx, Jell and Wan Dirribann were talking about Kikiriki and Duncan was thoughtful. Soon the alarm went on and Qui entered the guestroom saying that everyone must live there rooms and direct to sector 555. After everyone gathered in sector 555, the big hologram turned on. Captain of cruiser, Geriald Aswaswaer was on hologram saying that podracer Hhoep Peristill is found dead in his room and that the cruiser's police officers are searching for weapon in passengers' rooms. In the same time police inspectors were questioning Jekk Kikiriki. Police captain Pelikan Uw informed all passenger that they haven't found weapon on cruiser.

Six days after tragic death of podracer Hhoep Peristill, cruiser landed on planet Ljupkichi. While podracers were hosting their show, Qui and Jedaan were hanging out in local bar and talking about previous events and politics. Soon police inspector Rikkard Wammo aproached them and ordered Living. Wammo asked Tu and Connor to help them investigate the podracer's death. They accepted to help. Wammo said that he has list of passengers who entered the ship the night before Peristill's death and that he is waiting for informations about one of passengers who might be involved in podracer's death. As soon as Wammo obtained required informations, The three went to Upheyven City to investigate passenger's apartment. While they were traveling to the city, Wammo explained everything to Qui and Jedaan and that their suspect's name is Jerard Kleo. The three exited the vehicle in the hood where passenger lived. When they entered his apartment, Qui recognized the face of Reo Eshyal standing over Kleo's dead body. Reo threw a gas bomb and Qui started shooting at cloud of gas that started spreading through the room. After air got cleared, Reo disappeared and Qui immediately ran to the window trying to see Eshyal, but he failed. He explained to Wammo and Connor that he knows Reo and he is probably involved in Hhoep's death. They informed local police station about Kleo's death.

Break of HuntingEdit

In 27 BBY Qui married Human Kalisha Etti. In 26 BBY Kalisha and Qui got twins, Arrio and Gwenth. In 24 BBY Kalisha got pregnant with Qui and the same year (after Qui left to continue his bounty hunting career) baby boy was born that Kalisha will name Fokklofy.

Hunting againEdit

In 24 BBY he was doing small jobs for crime bosses from Coruscant and Flensus.

Last MissionEdit

Although he wasn't in a very good relationship with his brother, after hearing that Gann lost his hand in a close combat with Isiko Wandaraen, he wanted to avenge him. Qui attacked Jaw's Jedi mentor, Wandaraen and taking him as his captive. He found shelter on Kashyyyk and called his three friends to help him, Qui then informed Jedi Temple that he's holding Isiko as his prisoner. He then explained to Monihita Jaw that he was a brother of Gann Tu and he wanted to avenge him so Qui then cut of Isiko's left fist. Qui said that he also wanted one million credits delivered next day on the planet Kashyyyk in the old Creato Station if they wanted to see the Jedi alive again.

After meeting with Jaw and her fellow Jedis Alter Tirres and Rive Caedo, he said her to follow him with the case of one million credits without Jedi escort to the secret location where they would exchange and that he would leave his friends with Jedis to watch over them. As soon as Jaw and Qui reached the point, Qui sent a signal to his mercenary friends to kill Jedi Masters (Alter and Rive managed to defeat mercenaries). After Jaw saw Isiko, she ran to help him and dropped the case. Qui will then pick up the the case and threaten to Jaw that he will kill them, but he will be then stabbed with a lightsaber by Jedi Master Caedo. Jedis left his dead body in a jungle on Kashyyyk.


In a 9 BBY he will be mentioned by his wife Kalisha in a talk with her son Arrio. She will described him as a brave, but stubborn man who left his family with no money. Qui's wife and children will never find out what happened to him.

It must not be forgotten that Qui had one more child, that will later become legendary bounty hunter and mercenary called Yarezzya. Yarezzya would never find out that Qui was his father (although he will hear about him), because his mother died when he was eleven years old.


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