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Q'u, head of Q'u Branch

Q'u Branch was the technical branch of MI5 that supplied the organization with weapons, gadgets and specially modified vehicles. They also ran a separate department that dealt with droids and had various subsections concerned with such issues as disguise, agent synthetic limb production and MI5 building security. Q'u Branch developed the MI5 AI security program that protected MI5 Headquarters. The department also rebuilt and reprogrammed the "2.0" version of Digika, as well as created the secretary replica droid Moneypenny and the droid MI5 operative QUAD.

They were headed by the being known only as Q'u, an elderly, brilliant Human male with a penchant for explosives and a certain blindness in some ethical areas.

The main Q'u Branch workshop was in MI5 Headquarters on Coruscant, but the department had many offices and workshops out in the field to help the agents on their missions.


In 45 BBY, the department grew the clone named Stuart. Three years later, they created the MI5 AI security program, which was put to the test when MI5 HQ was attacked by numerous threats that same year.

The next year, Q'u Branch gained approval to reprogram the replica droid Digika. Unfortunately for them, the memory wipe triggered a fail-safe mechanism that caused Digika to go on a rampage, destroying part of Q'u Branch and endangering the lives of the technicians. Q'u was able to shut the droid down before any further damage was done.

Susa Gren, who was a fairly new MI5 agent in 42 BBY, served as a technical officer for Q'u Branch a few years later during the mission to protect the Empress of the Stars cruise liner. She later became a Senior Technician for the department.

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Aside from Digika, MNE-PNE and QUAD, the department developed numerous other gadgets to aid the operatives in the field. Some of them are listed here.

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