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We each control part of the Empire, we have power. "
Power?! We blindly follow the Emperor! He has all the power!

—Two Dark Council Member arguing about how much power they have.

The Political Pyramids was where all the political power of the One Sith Empire was divided between each Dark Council Member. It originated for the Spheres of Influence of the last Sith Empire. Each pyramid a Dark Councilor had power over a specific entity, such as the Pyramid of Ancient Knowledge or the Pyramid of War and Defense.


After the Sith Empire's defeat in the Second Great Galactic War, Darth Marr, former Dark Council member and first Emperor of the Pure Sith Empire (later called the One Sith Empire), recreated the Pyramids with different power structure. While not part of the Pyramids themselves, the Ministers were the second-in-command of their master's pyramid. The Ministries of the Empire (which were controled by the Ministers) took orders from the Dark Council members. However not every Pyramid had a Ministery or a Minister, such as the Pyramid of Covert Operations.

The Emperor now had his/her powerbase on the Dark Council, granting him/her even more power.

Many Pyramids were put together, while others were destroyed, making room for new ones.

The Pyramid of Intelligence now included Sith Infiltrators and Inquisitors.

With the Ministers gone and the Dark Council loyalty in question, the Dark Council was dissolved by Darth Krayt during the Sith-Imperial Civil War, placing all power under the most loyal Sith Lords, which were under Krayt.

The PyramidsEdit

Pyramid of the Emperor's WillEdit

This Pyramid is the only pyramid under the direct command of the Emperor. It under took the Dark Lord's goals. It was headed by the Voice.

Pyramid of Ancient KnowledgeEdit

This Pyramid was tasked with uncovering Sith and alien artifacts as well as preserving those already found.

Pyramid of War and DefenseEdit

This Pyramid was in joint control of the Imperial Military. It was in charge deploying soldiers on the battlefield and defending imperial worlds.

Pyramid of Military StrategyEdit

This Pyramid had joint control over the military and was responsible for the development of strategies.

Pyramid of IntelligenceEdit

This Pyramid was in charge of the Ministry of Intelligence.

Pyramid of Covert OperationsEdit

This Pyramid was an offshoot of the Pyramid of Intelligence and Pyramid of War and Defense. It was charge of Sith assassins, SpecForces and Sith collecters.

Pyramid of Science and HealthEdit

This Pyramid was in charge of the science and health of the Empire.

Pyramid of Imperial PhilosophyEdit

This Pyramid was in charge of the education of the Epire as well as the inforcement of imperial philosophy.

Pyramid of Diplomacy and Foreign RelationsEdit

This Pyramid was in charge of the diplomacy of the Empire, including the Imperial Diplomatic Service.

Pyramid of Logisics and EconomyEdit

This Pyramid managed the imperial economy.

Pyramid of Loyalty and Internal SecurityEdit

This pyramid was in charge of security forces and checking for illegal idems.

Pyramid of Government ManagementEdit

This Pyramid managed the puppet governments and politics of the Empire.


Pyramids have often helped one another complete their tasks. Here are some exsamples.

  • The Pyramid of Science creates weapons and gear for the the other Pyramids.
  • The Pyramid of Intelligence give infomation to the Pyramid of Covert Operations, the Pyramid of War and Defense, and the Pyramid of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations.
  • The Pyramid of Pyramid of Imperial Philosophy retains the ideals of the Empire in order to maintain the propaganda for the Pyramid of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations.
  • The Pyramid of Intelligence helps the Pyramid of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations with their diplomacy.
  • The Pyramid of the Emperor's Will informs the Pyramid of Imperial Philosophy, the Pyramid of Loyalty and Internal Security, and the Pyramid of Intelligence with the new laws so they can teach and inforce them.
  • The Pyramid of Ancient Knowledge informs the Pyramid of Imperial Philosophy on better ways to train Sith.