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Psytos Magrin was a Gobus criminal and a dissenter of the Aan Empire. He resided on Ta-tooin around 59,480 BBY.

He and his partner, Uyshe Losi, boarded the Crvksk alongside Zyo Qystalis, whom they had been monitoring ever since his release from the Ta-tooin Detention Facility. Unsettled that the Tooins did not obtain any information and released him, Magrin and Losi would finish the job.

They attacked Qystalis on the ship and killed the captain Draymus Flannighan. The ship was turned towards Homon, one of Magrin's former residences. There they tortured Qystalis for answers that the Tooin interrogators did not acquire. After several hours, he finally gave them coordinates to a ship with valuable information on the whereabouts of the Fleet. They abandoned Qystalis on the planet, but unknown to them was an explosive charge that he placed under the ship before takeoff. He ignited the charge and Magrin and Losi were no more.

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