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No! You don't get it! I am not on your side. I am not on their side. I am not for the Jedi or the Sith! I am for the war, only for the war, I keep it strong, so demand continues. With war comes demand, and with demand comes profit.
—Prophit Delphiki

Prophit Delphiki was an alias of a man whose real name has not yet been discovered. He owned several businesses, many of them illegal, yet trusted by governments, which produced ships and droids. Prophit Delphiki was involved in many wars, quite a few which only he knows of his influence, and his goals were to advance scientific knowledge, become as wealthy as a man could get without hurting the economy, and extend wars as long as possible so profitable trade could exist longer.


Early LifeEdit

Prophit Delphiki was born in 31 BBY to what he cited as “a poor family” when he encountered Jaina Solo. Delphiki was raised in the Core Worlds, but did not have a high standard of living. Either way, he had the opportunity by the Republic’s laws to receive an education, which he attended at a Correllian boarding school. He excelled in mathematics, science, and arts, which pleased his teachers very much. According to Delphiki, he had drawn ship designs for fun in class when he finished his work ahead of time, which somewhat annoyed the tutors. During vacations he attended fencing camps, for he appreciated the sheer art and thrill of using a sword.

When the Clone Wars started, Delphiki’s Tactics and Human Logics class visited Kamino to tour the cloning facility. There Delphiki was impressed at the efficiency and ingenuity of the clone army, which inspired him later on to hire a clone army for the New Rupublic decades later. Delphiki majored in science, military tactics, and math in his schooling career and started a shipbuilding business just before the conclusion of the Clone Wars.

Galactic EmpireEdit

Prophit Delphiki had a knack for finding and befriending people with great potential, and was able to hire scientists of extreme ability for his company. When the Galactic Empire took over the galaxy, Delphiki attempted to compete with Kuat Drive Yards and Sienar Fleet Systems and failed. Delphiki then exiled himself and his company, reemerging under aliases and alternate businesses to deal to espionage workers, illegal organizations, and the Rebellion.

Prophit Delphiki claims to have drafted the original X-Wing during this time, though the Jedi doubt this. Prophit Delphiki salvaged billions of battle droids that were shut down from the Clone Wars and concentrated them on planets that were secluded from the views of the Empire. Delphiki also rescued clone vehicles from scrap during this time period. He assisted Bail Organa under the identity of Regulus White to start the Rebellion. Delphiki knew that in war, profit was to be made, for there was a desperate demand for resources. Because of this, Delphiki encouraged the seeds of rebellion to sprout across the galaxy.

Delphiki assisted the Rebellion in many ways, for he believed the upper hand was the Empire’s. Delphiki allied himself under a separate name with Mara Jade, hoping to be noticed by the Emperor. He gained access to coordinates that only the Emperor knew to the very Galactic Core, where a solitary system existed that was not overly warped by gravity and radiation from Mara Jade, who used it to team up with Delphiki in one of her many assassination missions. Unfortunately, Delphiki had acquired too many aliases that were enemies with somebody or another, and so eventually he had the whole galaxy after him, as one name or another. Shortly after the Battle of Endor, Delphiki exiled himself once more to a secluded Outer Rim world, where his corporation dealt with pirates.


Delphiki did not think highly of his customers, and was ambitious to make real money from the events occurring in the rest of the galaxy. He erased many of his names and changed most of the rest, but kept the one of Delphiki, which he was most proud of. He sold only his inferior designs to space pirates, and in his excessive free time, locked himself in his quarters and tinkered.

There, in the relatively unknown Outer Rim world, Delphiki figured out how to manipulate hydrogen plasma like electrons into circuits. Delphiki shared this information only with his scientists, and together they invented the Plasma Current Chip, which later became nearly as efficient as the electric chips used elsewhere, with extra capabilities for battle. Many inventions aroused from the Plasma Current technology.

Delphiki rose under other names to influence the Galactic Civil War for profitable trade, but was not as successful as he was before the Battle of Endor. By then he found new brilliant minds to employ and set his scientists to discovering the inner workings of the brain, and to attempt to copy a human’s personality, memories, and feelings into a compact piece of software.

Pre-Second Clone WarEdit

Prophit Delphiki had started corporations under new names, but kept his favorite alias of Prophit Delphiki, which his subordinates called him by. By the time of 21 ABY, he had grown prestige from several organizations that appeared to be unrelated, and had published several potent designs, such as the Universal-class Battlemech Droid. Prophit Delphiki had devoted most of his efforts to finding ways to cheat death and improving his Plasma Current technology.

Then, in his travels, he ventured to Nal Hutta for fuel in his regular stops, and heard of the Hutt’s demand for an army. He returned to the Hutt homeworld and negotiated with Goomba the Hutt to get the Hutts to purchase a significant army of Delphiki Battle Droids. The pledge was made and the money was paid. Goomba the Hutt also convinced Delphiki to make modifications on the many Hutt Dynastic Transport Ships to have them suited for battle. So Delphiki commenced a project to add quad-laser turrets on the Hutt Ships, and many megacredits were transferred to Delphiki’s many accounts.

When Delphiki overheard a visitor who claimed to be Sith negotiate with Goomba the Hutt, Delphiki was curious, and so he “accidentally” met with the Sith. During the meeting, Delphiki learned of Monarchist’s plans to resurrect the original Separatist Droid Army for the CIS II’s benefit. As Monarchist was boasting, Delphiki stole Darth Monarchist’s credit chip.

Darth Monarchist, who had enormous investments in companies whose values curiously tend to rise uncontrollably, had enough funds on his credit chip to purchase an entire army. Delphiki, who knew the Separatists would win the war all too fast if everything went according to the Sith’s plan, ordered a Clone Army from Kamino, where he had been impressed of the facilities on his field trip years before. Knowing political controversies would arise if a mysterious Army, which had been the same one that led to the rise of the Empire, suddenly was created, so he made a document specifying that the Clone Troopers were to be led by the Jedi, who served the New Republic, so Order 66 or the emergency powers voting would not also be reenacted.

Delphiki also used the vast funds on the credit chip to build an army of improved Super-D Battle Droids and Super-D Starfighters, which the Hutts eagerly purchased in numbers and prices far greater than the Delphiki Battle Droids.

Shortly afterward, Delphiki’s starfighter was pulled out of hyperspace by a large fleet of Separatist forces. Delphiki knew that they came to retrieve Darth Monarchist’s credit chip, so he sent a message pod containing the artifact to the ships, which picked it up. Delphiki was done with the values, anyway.

Delphiki, under a different alias, had developed what he codenamed the Bleep-Bloop, which was massively dealt galaxywide, and purchased in great numbers by the Condorians.


After he made large amounts of profit from his newest designs, from the Delphiki Starfighter being improved to the Super-D Starfighter, to his design of the Battlemech Droid, Delphiki began an organization similar to pirates, though more corporate and less crude. Delphiki created a custom-built starfighter for himself, which was speedy, yet heavily armed and armored. With this, often accompanied by some other craft, he raided important shipyards and droid factories to influence the Second Clone War and make it continue longer. He used the many droids and starships he stole for business, tinkering, and collecting.

After the encounter with Darth Monarchist, Delphiki was forced to move his base. His place of choice was the solitary system in the uninhabitable Galactic Core, which he accessed via a hyperspace route that had been “lost” since the start of the Galactic Empire. He knew of the coordinates because of a previous association with Mara Jade, when he helped her close down on an enemy on Coruscant. He relocated his base to the system unknown to nobody but Mara, and started a massive project to produce great amounts of Super-D models and to continue the experiments he and his scientists collaborated on, specifically the brain-droid transplant.


On one of his most ambitious raids, Prophit Delphiki targeted Coruscant to gather samples of military droids for the Coruscant Security Fleet and the New Jedi Order. He piloted his N-64 Codered-class Superiority Interceptor as the primary offensive measure as cargo ships loaded with three dozen B-2 Battle Droids stole over a hundred astromech, security, and protocol droids, among them R2-D2 and C-3PO. Jaina, who had recently been demoted and was an officer maintaining Coruscant security, fought against the raid to little avail. However, the hyperspace route unknown to the Republic that Delphiki used was traced, and Jaina was sent after the mysterious criminal through an unknown route into the Deep Core.


Prophit Delphiki was a master of disguise, but he seldom used this talent. He was of average height, slender, and pale. He had jet-black hair that was unkempt, black-brown eyes, and a bushy mustache that was rarely groomed. He usually wore a business suit to show his economic prestige to his subordinates and clients.


Delphiki was a true prodigy when it came to designing droids and starships, though was not as recognized as he deserved, for he used many different names to impress various, and many times conflicting, customers. The list of inventions that he takes credit for includes:

  • T-65 X-Wing
  • Rebel Juggernaut
  • TIE Interceptor
  • Hydraulic Florolamp
  • Nautilan Starfighter
  • Delphiki Battle Droid
  • Super-D Battle Droid
  • Delphiki Starfighter
  • Super-D Starfighter
  • Universal-class Battlemech Droid
  • Coruscanti Police Droid
  • Universal Flier Sentry
  • Plasma Current Chip
  • Improved Ionized Cluster Seeker Torpedoes
  • Compact Concussion Missile
  • Plasma Sword
  • Inertial Gigadrive
  • Sentient-Droid Mind Transfer Unit
  • Jedi Mini Cruiser
  • Jedi Mega Cruiser


  • Prophit Delphiki (Hutts, Sith, subordinates)
  • Newton Arkanian (Nautilans)
  • Galilee Madrid (Galactic Empire)
  • Bonzo Democry (Rebel Alliance)
  • Han Tsulo (Jedi)
  • Bernard Bastian (Mon Calamari)
  • Cornell Alai (Mandalorians)
  • Ambassador for the Jedi and the New Republic (Kaminoans, Rothana)
  • Your Worst Rival (Darth Monarchist)

Behind the scenesEdit

Prophit Delphiki was originally conceived as an underground criminal who foraged for spare parts to make a small living. All of Prophit Delphiki’s first or last aliases (except for the last two on the list) are taken from characters from Ender’s Game or Ender’s Shadow. Prophit Delphiki was created by C3PO the Dragon Slayer.

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