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Project Dala Verda or mostly just plain DV, was a nickname the clones of Jango Fett gave to an operation the Kaminoans called "The Genetic Cloning of the Second Class of the Human Race". Some other clones simply called it Dala which was the Mandalorian term for women. DV started only two months after the first cloning of Jango Fett and it all happened because of a MandoEchani named Meriha Ordo.

Project DV-KaminoEdit

Dala CommandosEdit

These group of clones created from Project DV would only be categorized into Commandos and not simple troopers. This was because of Meriha's ability to sense the Force. These Dala Verda, later called plain Dala Commandos of the Grand Army of the Republic would use a special armor called the Dral II armor created from Meriha's original clothing the Dral.

Empire's attackEdit

Seven years after the rise of the Galactic Empire Kamino finally complete it's new project AC. AC was the beginning of the Kamino Uprising, but shortly after the Empire struck Kamino.

Lead by Boba Fett the Empire nearly destroyed all of the AC projects but five Commando Squads, four Dala Squads, two RCC's, two RFCC's and five Kaminoan scientist escaped Tipoca City through an underwater tunnel. Shortly after that ship entered hyperspace and traveled to Khomm, another cloning planet.

Project DV-KhommEdit

After escaping the Galactic Empire on Kamino, a medium sized group of clones escaped with five Kamino scientist and cloning technology. Here the Kaminoans sided with the Khommites, a very advanced cloned race.

New recruitsEdit

While on Khomm the Kaminoans managed to create five thousand Commandors and five thousand Dalycs in the short time of five years.

This was because of the Khommites advanced cloning technology. However, the Kaminoans fled Khomm shortly after with a group of around thirty Khommites due to the fact that the Galatic Empire planned to attack Khomm a few days later.

Project DV-GallinoreEdit

This army now fled to the remote planet Gallinore where the Khommites had made an ally from the Hapans. Here the Kaminoans fueled the Khommites advanced cloning machines by the claws of a race animal race know as the rainbow jems.

Five years later two trespassers arrived on Gallinore. These two mercenaries would later become Alorir and Alor'ad, who would be the starters of Operation Ga which would later be the main reason the Galactic Empire was defeated.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • While Project DV was on Khomm the Galactic Empire destroyed two other cloning planets hoping to find the Kaminoans. However, the Empire, after the war, remembers never having seen the Project DV' after their escape from Kamino.


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