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General Prefance was a key military figure in the armed forces of the Meridian Confederation. Born out of wedlock he was quietly got-rid-off by his parents and sent to an orphange on Lianna.

At the age of fifteen he left Lianna to make his way to Coruscant but a malfunction in his hyperdrive caused him to crash on Rhen Var. Stuck on the planet with no way off he decided to make a new life for himself with the native Rhen Vari, quickly becoming a well known, and well respected individual.

In the year 35 ABY, at the age of twenty he joined the Meridian military, which was rebuilding after the Yuuzhan Vong War and shot through the ranks and, by 50 ABY, became become Supreme Commander of the Meridian Home Guard (and effectively President of the Government).

Under his leadership the Meridian Confederation enjoyed a decade of peace and trade with the Galactic Alliance, but by the year 61 ABY that had all changed with the arrival of the Sith.

Prefance lead the defences of Toola and Rhen Var personally but was killed when Rhen Var was destroyed by the invading Sith forces.