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Podracer: Life in the Fast Line was the first game in the Podracer Series at TheForce.Net Roleplaying Forum. It is set roughly between the end of the New Jedi Order series and the beginning of the Dark Nest Trilogy. Players assumed the roles of racers, reporters, and gamblers in the newly formed Galactic PodRacing League or GPRL.

This game was moderated by Imperial_Hammer.

Plot Edit

In an effort to alleviate the horror of the post-Vong War devastation, the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances established the GPRL as part of a Galactic Entertainment Provision. Racers from around the Galaxy would be participating in races to earn money and credits. Several major governments and corporations offered to sponsor racers.

Racers raced competitively for twelve races, earning points to qualify for a spot in the Race of Champions or R.O.C.

Mechanics Edit

The game was divided into three phases.

  • 1. Out of Race: This was most of your interaction time, when you would meet with other players, NPCs, etc. and go into all your major story exhibition stuff.
  • 2. Pre-Race: A couple days before the race, the Village would open up. The Village was a racers-only (a loosely enforced policy) area with all the amenities a racer would need, such as mechanics for upgrading pods, restaurants, and the ever important registration building, at which a racer would register for...
  • 3. In-Race: As the race began, players would alternate posts describing their racing performance. They would only be able to post after a certain ammount of posts by other players (the Successive Post Limit or SPL) and could Submit for Race Completion at any point after reaching the Post Minimum Limit or PML.

Memorable Characters Edit

coming soon

Sequel Edit

Podracer has spawned one sequel, Podracer II: Need for Speed, with more planned. If at any point, Imperial_Hammer steps down as GM, user SephyCloneNo15 has offered to take up the reigns.

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