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Plett was a male Ho'Din Jedi Master for the Old Republic. He established a Jedi Enclave on the planet Belsavis.

During the Clone Wars, he had established a relationship between himself and the Jedi apprentice, Nathaniel Kenobi. When the Jedi Purge occurred, he closed Belsavis' system to space travel, but allowed renegade Jedi to enter.

Eventually, Nathan gave Plett and the Jedi coordinates to the new clone/Kaminoan colony of Novus Kamino Prime. He served as one of three Jedi Masters, whose responsibilities were to follow the instructions of Nathan.

He would remain on Belsavis until 18 BBY, when Wilhuff Tarkin ordered the Eye of Palpatine to destroy Belsavis. Luckily, he and several students escaped to Novus Kamino Prime.

He, Logh-Urr, and Pandraxon, assumed total control over the new Jedi on Novus Kamino Prime and were charged with defending it against future Imperial and Yuuzhan Vong attacks.


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