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The Plasma Current Chip was a unique system that used currents of hydrogen plasma for power and information instead of electrical circuits. The plasma currents proved easy to accelerate and could efficiently transfer information and were an effective substitute for the standard electric designs. The technology was created by Prophit Delphiki and his scientists.


The plasma currents traveled through magnetically insulated flexible rods that could chemically resist the ionization of plasma. The plasma is shaped and accelerated by the magnetically insulated rods and can travel thousands of miles in a second without touching the edges of the tubes. The tubes, once the technology improved, could be made at the microscopic level, so compact chips could be made from the rods.

Hydrogen plasma was the most common element in the universe, so with the right techniques, it could easily be harnessed and transferred to a droid. The plasma, charged with magnetic and kinetic energy, was very reactive to the subtlest of changes, but the rods that let them flow, although thin, did not let excess radiation escape and threaten biological organisms.

The flow of plasma in certain reactive properties (that is, exposed to different sorts of phenomena that make the plasma behave a certain way) could rotate motors, generate incandescent light, and can duplicate the effects of blasters. Plasma slowed with a different isotope of hydrogen plasma to less than a dozen kilometers per second could react to photons (light) of different intensities and frequencies and sent as a signal to a central chip, which could duplicate the effects of optical sensors.

The plasma generated a protective magnetic field equivalent to a minor shield around the areas in which it flows. This technology, consequently, was destined to have application in battle droids. One advantage of the plasma currents was that the language used in Plasma Current Chips was just as automatic and predestined as electrical currents, but unlike electricity, plasma currents flowed continuously in dozens of different behaviors, so the “language” was more than just 0 and 1. This allowed more information to be passed in a single circuit.


The Plasma Current Chip was inspired when Prophit Delphiki, in a period of speculation, wondered what made something completely revolutionary and quick to introduce and satisfy a new want or need. He concluded that a new way of doing something seldom replaces the old way, but if you don’t notice the difference, the new way can become popular very quickly.

He then looked at his field of droids and ships, and decided that nearly all the industry was powered by a millennia-old concept: the manipulation of electricity. He wondered if something could be made that introduced a new standard, showing similar properties to electron currents, but having new qualities. He introduced his speculation to his scientists, and he worked with them to create a substitute for electric currents. They finally found a way to manipulate hydrogen plasma, which contained great amounts of energy, was common in the universe, could flow at tremendous speeds, and behaved predictably when exposed to different stimuli. The technology underwent a secretive research, and by 19 ABY a prototype droid was made, completely based on hydrogen plasma currents.

Delphiki designed a droid, which was sold in great numbers to the New Alliance of Interdependent Hutts, which was designed to be very capable for battle. The design was then experimented on with starfighters, and proved to be worthy of the same market. By 24 ABY, the Super-D line of droids and vehicles was readied, and were sold mostly to the Hutts.

The plasma current design did not completely replace electric currents, just as Delphiki predicted, but did become often integrated into other designs to reap the benefits of both information methods, most of them designed by Delphiki or his other aliases. Some assassin droids were built to support plasma currents before Delphiki’s patent warranty expired, so Delphiki gained some wealth from judicial situations.

Once the technology was legally able to be manufactured by the general public, the plasma current technology did flourish, but did not gain advantage over electricity. Bodyguard, assassin, and battle droids were most commonly installed with plasma current chips, but other designs that were unarmed also received upgrades with this technology.

Uses in Droids and ShipsEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The concept of the Plasma Current Chip was used to explain why the Super-D Battle Droid had red glowing markings on its face.
  • The Plasma Current Chip was created by C3PO the Dragon Slayer.
  • The Plasma Current technology, in theory, could work if a substance with the properties of the described rods was found and hydrogen plasma was readily available.
  • Plasma Currents resemble the Plasmonics concept that is speculated by some to be a substitute for electronics in the future, though C3PO the Dragon Slayer thought of the Plasma Current Chip before learning of Plasmonics.

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