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Planetism was a form of planetary pride, identifying a people-group with their homeworld. Planetism took a variety of forms. Some, such as Corellia, believed in planetary superiority; most others, however, held pride in their culture, traditions, and people-group. In effect, it was a means for the residents of a planet to identify themselves with a homogeneous identity regardless of species. A being who espoused these beliefs was a planetist.

In some cases, planetism was spurred by negative ethnic overtones, such as xenophoia or Humanocentrism, or to promote a desire for more autonomy and independence. This type of planetism was demonstrated in the political beliefs of B'Rhea, the dictatorial governor-general of Eriadu.

Behind the scenesEdit

Planetism is a parallel to the phenomena of nationalism that became popular in Europe during the 19th and 20th centuries.


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