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Beta-379, also known as Pierce, was a clone sergeant who fought during the outbreak of the Clone Wars. He served and fought under his superior officer, ARC-Trooper: Delta-3530 in the 353rd Legion.

Towards the years leading up to the Battle of Geonosis, Pierce was one the few Fett-bred clones that Delta-3530 personally selected to train and serve under him in the 353rd Legion. Like Doxx, Typho, Barddock, Aiden Brock, Darnell, and Grayson, Pierce would personally be trained with Delta-ARC training skills, by Gohan.

As the 353rd Legion operated as an independent military division of the covert black-ops in the Republic Army, Pierce, like many other of the clones Delta-3530 trained, swore his allegiance to Gohan only, before the Republic.

He was close friends with Aiden, Brock, and Darnell, and would fight and serve alongside one another for years to come.

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