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The Pentar Device was a device created by Darth Pentar. It controlled the fate of the galaxy with just one push of a button. The Pentar Device could be found in the Korriban Core.

Function Edit

The Pentar Device was a doomsday device that used the Force to destroy itself and surrounding galaxies. The exact way it controlled the Force was unknown. The device itself could only be used once and it needed at least six other planets to be able to complete its function. The six original worlds were Coruscant, Hoth, Byss, Tatooine, Thule and Malachor V. Due to some circumstances, Malachor V and Byss were not on the list, but they were replaced by Honoghr and Bastion. The Pentar Device could only be destroyed by a large electro-magnetic pulse; like Darth Gneti's Magnetic Factory, for example.

History Edit

The Device was made by Darth Pentar in 3,960 BBY. He was going to use the machine as a fail-safe device that would finish what he started; the complete destruction of everything in the galaxy and the surrounding galaxies. When he left for his crusade, he forgot to put it on standby; so when he was killed by Darth Nihilus, the device didn't activate and the secret died with him. For the next 4,156 years, Pentar's apprentice Darth Aerie went in search of it. It wasn't until 200 ABY when it was found again but it wasn't found by Aerie, it was found by Gneti. When Darth Aerie found that Gneti knew of this, she tortured her to get the information. Aerie got it, but at a cost; the beginning of the 2nd Sith Schism Wars. While the wars were raging, Aerie got got her top technicians to figure out how to use the machine. In 204 ABY Darth Aerie died without knowing how to use the device, which meant that her apprentices didn't know either, even though her technicians were still trying to find the secret. Three years later, the Schism wars end with the death of Darth Gneti, at her Magnetic Factory. A year later Aerie was reborn and went in search for her technicians. By now most of them were either killed or assassinated, which made her search harder but nowhere near impossible. Three days later she found one of the last remaining techs and gets the information. After she got the information, she killed him. Then she went in search for the others. And killed them. The device by that time had disappeared into the megastructure of Korriban, so Aerie and her clones went in search for it, participating in certain battles in the mean time. It wasn't until 666 ABY when it was rediscovered. At that time the Second DC War had begun and Aerie overtook the Third Sith Order. This time Aerie input the code (4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42), then went to war.

Doomsday Device Edit

On the 15th day of the 7th month, the war ended and Aerie was killed. Exactly when she died the Pentar Device activated. It started with Coruscant. The device controlled the Force on the planet which completely obliterated everything on it. Four hours later the concentrated force energy went to Korriban. A few seconds later, Hoth was destroyed. Eight hours after that the Force energy was sent to Korriban. Fifteen hours later the Force energy around a destroyed Tatooine was sent to Korriban. By now the Jedi had noticed and formulated a plan to stop it but it would have to take great risks to accomplish it. Sixteen hours after the last force blast, another one was sent to its destination from Thule. The Jedi arrived at Korriban 23 hours later when the second last force beam left Honoghr and went into Korriban. The Jedi had 42 hours left. It wasn't until two hours before the end when they found the device. The Jedi tried everything to stop it but the clock kept ticking. An hour before the end Darth Sses attacks them with the Magnetic Factory. He activates the self-destruct on the factory which kills Sses and the Jedi, stopping the device at the same time.

Aftermath Edit

After the Destruction of Korriban, the Korriban Core was officially shut down and put under guard by a legion of Republican Troops. The tragedy was now known as the Galactic Massacre, which left a shattered galaxy in its wake. It was currently unknown what the galaxy did after the incident, but it eventually became whole once more.

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