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Pelorum was an ice planet located somewhere in the Braxant sector of Imperial Space, it's location was known only to the topmost authorities of the Empire and the Chiss Ascendancy, the resource-rich planet was discovered several years prior to the Clone Wars by Chiss expeditionary forces, led by Thrawn, who told only a few individuals of it's location, including his second-in-command, Captain Gilad Pellaeon, former Jedi Danyl Antilles, whose mother was a native of the planet and who later became an Imperial Knight and Baron Soontir Fel, who would later become the Emperor.

One of the planet's native species, the Chi'kara were thought to have shared ancestry with the Chiss, due to their close resemblance to one another, although their shared traits may have more to do with similar environmental conditions on their respective homeworlds, they had blue skin, black hair and white eyes and were usually of a similar height but often a heavier build than humans. The other sentient natives were called the Pelora, they were pale skinned near-humans with piercing ice-blue eyes and white hair that were known to live for centuries. Pelorum was also believed by many biologists to be the original homeworld of the Narglatch

Pelorum was rich in minerals including Adegan and Stygium crystals, Cortosis & Phrik ore, making it a very important world to Fel's restored Empire, as the minerals found on world were very rare and were used in the production of lightsabers, armour and cloaking devices among other technological devices. The planet is also the headquarters of the Secret Omega Division of the Imperial Department of Military Research, headed by Master Hogrum Chalk, this unit included Raith Sienar, the Bioweapon expert, Vul Isen and a clone of the Death Star architect, Bevel Lemelisk this division was ordered to be disbanded by Soontir Fel, but Chalk secretly kept it operational, but unknown to Chalk, Sienar Fleet Systems CEO, Raith Sienar valued his loyalty to the Emperor much more than Chalk's credits, and as such informed Fel of the continued existance of the division.


The planet's natives, the Pelora on Pelorum's surface

Most recently Pelorum played host to the meeting of the dignitaries of Fel's Empire, the Ismaren Empire, and the Moff Insurrection, where they discussed their plans for the Strike at Commenor against the Alliance-Republic coalition, a meeting attended by Hogrum Chalk, Edouard Fenel, Maarek Stele, Krion Grail and Natasi Daala among others. All of the people present at this meeting except Chalk and Stele (who already knew the planet's location) were brought to the planet along a series of 42 hyperspace jumps to ensure that they did not discover it's location.

Currently, only Emperor Soontir Fel, his son, Prince Jagged Fel, the Imperial Knights Antares Draco, Danyl Antilles, Treis Sinde, Maarek Stele and Hogrum Chalk, Supreme Commander Oron Jaeger, Grand Admiral Octavian Grant and the Chiss Aristocra, Chaf'orm'bintrano and Moff Fehlaaur know the planet's location.

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