May thy wrath severe, hurled in the bosom of the deep appear, and on the tops of mountains be revealed, for thy strong arm is not from us concealed.
—Ancient prayer to Patrev inscribed on a stela on Notron

Patrev was a powerful Thayolen from the planet Thayol. Patrev claimed to be the first of the Thayolen and the ancestor of the entire race, though others of his race disputed this claim, arguing that he had killed his predecessors.

Patrev claimed to be a divine being who spontaneously arose out of the surface of Thayol "at the dawn of time" (Patrev placed his own birth around 105,043 BBY) and created others of his kind. However, ancient records created by a Duinuogwuin scholar indicate the Thayolen were actually a race of nano-cybernetic beings created by the an ancient super-race, who used arcane Force powers combined with nanotechnologically-enhanced cells to artificially create the Thayolens from a breeding stock including numerous humanoid races. Duinuogwuin records do not mention which race created the Thayolens.

Patrev's original name, in the Thayolen tongue, is impossible for most humanoids to pronounce. He presumably adopted the name "Patrev" after the formation of the Galactic Republic. Most scholars believe the name is linguistically akin to the High Galactic word "pera," meaning "father." This name thus seems to reflect Patrev's claim to be the father of his race.

Like all Thayolen, Patrev possessed a (seemingly) endless lifespan, in part due to his Force-sensitivity, in part due to his inherent nanotechnology constantly repairing his cells. Despite his seeming immortality, it was assumed that Patrev was not invincible, contrary to his own claims, since other members of his species proved vulnerable to turbolaser fire.

Like most purebred Thayolen, Patrev was something of a shapeshifter, and after the destruction of Thayol began a nomadic wandering of the galaxy, establishing "seasonal" residences on innumerable worlds (in other worlds, dwellings where he might stay for a few decades every other millennium). He would use his shapeshifting abilities to imitate resident humanoids' appearance, though he never displayed the ability to take on non-humanoid forms.

Due to adaptable Thayolen genes, Patrev was able to interbreed with numerous humanoids, creating a number of descendants throughout the Galaxy which, like their father, were Force-sensitive, seemingly immortal shapeshifters. These offspring established often established theocratic monarchies and dictatorships throughout the galaxy. Many conspiracy theorists believed that Patrev was not merely a pleasure-seeking wanderer, but was establishing footholds throughout the galaxy which he one day could unite into a galaxy-spanning empire.

Patrev, and the Thayolen race, were considered a myth by most Galactic Republic officials until 1,000 BBY. Shortly after the 7th Battle of Ruusan, at a time when Republic control beyond the Core was severely weakened, Patrev seized control of the Thisspias system. Though he did not interfere with the local politics of the planet Thisspias itself, he quarantined the planet with a flee of warships of a type never before encountered by the Republic, which Republic fleet analysts nicknamed (somewhat melodramatically) "Domesday-type battlecruisers," which proved superior to the Republic Navy in a series of battles. Patrev set up a shielded mountain citadel on the fifth planet of the Thisspias system, Beroutz, and a monster-breeding facility on the fourth planet, Hellenes Gracca. He allied himself with an alchemist named Jantrek, a former underling of Lord Kaan.

Patrev did not show any intention of expanding his empire, and eventually the Republic gave up reclaiming the system. In 820 BBY, Patrev took as his Queen on Beroutz the Queen of the Deriada tribe. Their firstborn was their daughter G'ye, born 819 BBY. The next year, twins were born, Alabri and his sister Arpel.

Patrev eventually decided to solidify his control of Hellenes Gracca. He secretly hired pirates to attack the planet's most powerful city-state, Thelisae in 802 BBY. The attack resulted in the death of the city's warlord, King Arhidreth. The king was succeeded by his widow, Alren-hi, due to the fact that none of their sons were of age to take the scepter. Patrev then left Beroutz and went to take up residence on Hellenes Gracca.

What transpired next is unclear to historians. Patrev left his Deriada queen to rule in his place, and shortly after his departure she was assassinated. Some evidence indicates her assassins were revolutionists attempting to overthrow Patrev's rule, yet other evidence indicates she was murdered by Patrev's own lackeys. Whatever the case, the planet was thrown into a chaotic war which left all parties concerned weakened save for Patrev's three children, who established a theocracy to control the world.

In 801 BBY Patrev seduced and married Alren-hi. However, he did not claim the kingship. In 800 BBY Alren-hi bore him a son, Algyd, after which Patrev mysteriously disappeared from the Thisspias system, along with his fleet. Hellenes Gracca and Thisspias then rejoined the Republic, although primitive Beroutz, which had never belonged to the Republic, remained under the control of Patrev's children.

Following his disappearance, Patrev disappeared from galactic history until 26 ABY, when a fleet claiming to fly under his fleet protected the Thisspias system from Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Although this seemed fortunate in the short term for the system, it lead to worries that Patrev had future plans for the system which might not include Galactic Alliance membership. Along with Tilotny, Wuztek, and a handful of other seemingly supernatural beings, Patrev was one of the Priority Alpha-Omega threats which the Galactic Alliance Investigative Committee into the Paranormal wished to investigate.

Behind the scenesEdit

Patrev was based on the god "Zeus Pater" from Greek myth. The word "pater" is Ancient Greek for "father," corresponding to the High Galactic word "pera."


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