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Pandraxon was a male Glottalphib Jedi Master. A former smuggler, he joined up with the rogue Jedi, Nathaniel Kenobi, when it was shown that he had Force-sensitivity.

He accompanied Nathan, when the Acclamator the two were on, was hit by a suicide coralskipper during the Battle of the Ottiumigos Centrality. He almost died when his spacesuit was punctured by floating debris. He was saved by Nathan, who had sealed the hole in the Republic gunship they were in by welding it with his Czerka welder.

Pandraxon later found a Yrashu Force-sensitive on his homeplanet. After Nathan left the colony for good. He gave Pandraxon, Logh-Urr, and Master Plett, control over the apprentices and the Belsavis Jedi.


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