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Padmé Dral was born in 44 BBY, and was a loyal Jedi Master in her time. She was a Human female.


Early LifeEdit

Padmé Dral was born to Dyrra and Gallon Dral, in the year 44 BBY. At an early age, she found an ability to be able to see into the future partially and things to come.

Three days after her third birthday, Padmé had a vision of flames everywhere and people being killed.

Ironically, three months passed and the Sith invaded her planet. She found herself in the middle of the scene, and her parents gone. She ran into Sith soldiers, and was eventually found by a Jedi, who took her to the Temple


Asil Leikane took Padmé as her Padawan and they shared a long and happy relationship.

Battle of BespinEdit

Padmé participated in the Battle of Bespin, along with Lyn Korak and Xander Vos, in which the three were victorious.

Behind the scenesEdit

Padmé Dral was created by the user Padme1200 on Rebels. Her real name is Liz.

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