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Padmé: “What about me? Maybe I need it?
Obi-Wan: “Master, do you hear something?
Qui-Gon: “Nope.
— Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan kidnapping Padmé to hide her[src]

Padmé Amidala was a female Human from Naboo and Queen of the Naboo. She later became a senator, representing her people in the Senate on Coruscant. She later became the wife of Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker, who was only an apprentice at the time, and gave birth to twins, Luke and Leia.

Padmé served as Queen during the Naboo Crisis, where the Trade Federation blockaded her planet and forcing her to sign a peace treaty giving them control of the trade routes. However, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi rescued her from the Federation and took her to Tatooine.

While Padmé was there, she met Anakin Skywalker, who later joined her as she returned to Naboo to free her people. When they arrived, Padmé was reunited with her body, which she was removed from for convenience sake, and stormed the throne room to demand the Trade Federation leave. She was almost convinced to sign the treaty again, when Anakin flew into the throne room, knocking the Viceroy out.

She later became a senator for Naboo and pressured the Senate to sign the Frank Creation Act. Shortly before the Clone Wars broke out, she found herself as a target for a political assassination. The Jedi Council placed her in hiding with Anakin as her protector. She and Anakin traveled the galaxy hiding and eventually found themselves on Geonosis about to be executed by Count Dooku. They were rescued when the Clone Army entered the arena and fought off the oncoming droid army.

The small conflict on Geonosis broke out into a full-scale war. Padmé continued to support the Republic during the war; however, she needed to take some time off as she became pregnant with twins. When Anakin returned from the war, she informed him about the news. The news drove Anakin to pursue the dark side in worry. She traveled to Mustafar to talk to Anakin about it, but ended up going into labor before he could return from fighting Obi-Wan. Padmé gave birth to twins there on Mustafar and returned to Naboo to retire from politics.



Padmé: “Hey, don’t make fun of us. Some people can’t afford hangers.
Obi-Wan: “Do you hear something?
Panaka: “Hey, don’t make fun of us. Some people can’t afford hangers.
— Panaka speaks on Padmé’s behalf[src]

Padmé was young when she was first elected as Queen, the youngest in the history of Naboo. With her emergence into politics at such a vital age, she soon grew to appreciate the selfless people in her life. From this, she became known as sympathetic to kind people. This characteristic was to her advantage, but also her demise. She grew to trust certain people; however, many would often take advantage of her naïve state.

Through her years as Queen, Padmé grew wiser, being able to see those who were taking advantage of her earlier and did something about it. As she started standing up to them, they stopped listening to her. Eventually, they forgot she spoke altogether. This lead to some difficult years as Queen since no one could hear her decrees. Around that time, Padmé appointed Panaka, her Head of Security, to be her mouth. She wrote down her decrees and gave them to Panaka to announce and enforce. With this, she brought about the golden years of Naboo; however, they were short lived.

Naboo crisisEdit

Padmé Amidala: “No. I will never join your peace treaty!
B1 battle droid: “Here’s a pen.
―Padmé being tricked into signing a peace treaty with the Trade Federation[src]


Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon attempt to rescue Padme

Shortly after the prosperity flourished, the Trade Federation came in to set up a trading agreement. In 32 BBY, they blockaded the planet from trade with other regions, hoping to gain control of trade routes. This led the Republic to intervene, which sent in two Jedi, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Jedi, however, never arrived in time for the negotiations. Padmé was almost forced to sign a peace agreement with the Trade Federation that would allow them to have complete and total control over the import and export of Naboo and every trade route in the region. The Jedi did arrive in time to stop the signing of the treaty and evacuated Padmé from the planet. They removed her head from her body, since she refused to leave[1].

She experienced some emotional scarring from the situation. Since her head had been removed from her body, she often felt a ghost effect, thinking her body was still there. It was, however, only the hand of whoever was carrying her at the time, which was often Jar Jar Binks. Eventually she got used to being without her body that she almost regretted going back, but when she did, she was grateful to be one again.

She traveled to Tatooine to hide, where she met a young slave boy named Anakin Skywalker. While Qui-Gon bargained for a new hyperdrive, since the first one had been tampered with, Padmé got to know Anakin. During the bargaining, Qui-Gon managed to free Anakin from his owner, Watto, and Padmé invited him along[2]. Anakin showed her, Jar Jar, and Qui-Gon around Tatooine, before traveling back with them to Naboo[3].


Padmé, in Jar Jar's hands, on meeting Anakin on Tatooine

Once back on Naboo, Jar Jar placed Padmé back on her body. She, Panaka, Jar Jar, and Anakin formed a resistance to the droid army outside the palace, while Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan fought inside. She told Jar Jar to rally as many Gungans as he could to challenge the droid army outside the palace, while she, Panaka, and Anakin went to take care of the Trade Federation Viceroy. Anakin, however, decided to help out the ongoing space battle to shut down the droids, and left. Padmé and Panaka continued on, where they confronted the Viceroy[4].

Padmé almost fell into their trap for a second time, when they appealed to her sympathetic nature, to get her to sign the peace treaty. This was thwarted when Anakin came crashing in through the window after realizing that the space battle was over before he could do anything. Anakin proposed to Padmé right there and Padmé agreed. Since both of them were still young, they decided to wait a couple years before actually marrying[4].

The Clone WarsEdit

The Frank Creation ActEdit

Ani! Ani, you have to help me. Someone is trying to kill me.
—Padmé calling out for Anakin to help her after her ship blew up[src]

Nine years after the Naboo Crisis, in 23 BBY, Padmé heard about a possible army being grown for the Republic. She decided to investigate this and discovered the presence of cloning facilities on Kamino, who were using a man named Frank as the template for cloning soldiers.


Obi-Wan and Anakin arrived shortly after Padmé's ship blows up

Padmé decided the Republic could use this to counter the growing threat of the System of Independent Confederates (SIC), who was gaining support from systems leaving the Republic. She proposed the Frank Creation Act, allowing the Republic to purchase an army of clones to use should the SIC choose to attack.

The Act was debated among the Senate for a year and, in 22 BBY, Padmé received word that the Act would be passed. She planned to travel to Coruscant to see the Act pass and was given Obi-Wan and Anakin as Jedi protectors for the journey. Her ship, however, was attacked before Obi-Wan and Anakin arrived, forcing her to stay behind[5].

When Anakin and Obi-Wan did arrive, they went out in search of the assassin. Padmé stayed behind with Panaka until they returned with news about the assassin[5]. They took her to the Jedi Council, who sent her into hiding in the lake country of Naboo while Obi-Wan searched for the answers to the assassination attempt. The council also assigned Anakin to look after her while they hid[6].

Going into hidingEdit

Windu: “Padmé must go into hiding.
Obi-Wan: “But where must she hide?
―the Jedi Council deciding to have Padmé go into hiding[src]

While at a secret palace in the lake country of Naboo, Anakin received a message from Cliegg Lars, who he later found out was his stepfather, that his wife had been captured by Tusken Raiders. Padmé insisted that they travel to Tatooine to help Cliegg. Anakin was hesitant at first, since he was assigned to look after her, but Padmé was determined to travel to Tatooine[7].


Padmé and Anakin haggling with Watto for Shmi's location

Once on the planet, Padmé and Anakin went searching for Cliegg Lars, asking around if anyone knew where he was. They eventually found Watto, who used to own Anakin, and inquired about Cliegg. Watto informed them that he had sold Anakin’s mother, Shmi Skywalker, to Cliegg who then married her and freed her from slavery. Watto told them that Cliegg lived on the far side of the Dune Sea[8].

Padmé and Anakin traveled to the homestead, where they discovered C-3PO, a protocol droid Anakin had built during his years as a slave, who told them that Tusken Raiders kidnapped Shmi. A search party of nine had been sent out and eleven returned. Two members were pregnant women, who gave birth during a detour to Mos Eisley. Anakin set out to search for Shmi, while Padmé stayed behind and visited with C-3PO[9].

While visiting, Padmé learned a lot about Anakin’s childhood, allowing her feelings for him to flourish. Anakin returned with Shmi shortly afterward, and Padmé got to meet her and her husband, Cliegg. Anakin announced that they were to be married soon and both received Shmi and Cliegg’s blessings. They left the homestead and journeyed back to their ship where they met up with Obi-Wan, who had gotten lost on his way to Geonosis. The two decided to join up with Obi-Wan and together they traveled to the planet in search of Padmé’s attacker[10].

Battle on GeonosisEdit

Padmé: “You’re injured!
Anakin: “Oh – it’s only a scratch.
―Padmé rushing to Anakin’s side after Dooku cut off his arm.[src]


Anakin, Padmé, and Obi-Wan after being attacked by the nerf

Padmé and Anakin arrived on Geonosis and went in search of Jango Fett, Padmé’s alleged attacker. In doing so, they stumbled upon a droid factory the SIC had set up. While exploring the factory, they were captured by the local Geonosians. They were taken to Dooku, who was the initial founder of the System of Independent Confederates[11].

Dooku accused Padmé and Anakin of treason against the Separatists and had them taken away to a battle arena for execution. Once in the arena, they met up Obi-Wan, who had also been captured. Dooku released a mutated nerf on them, which ended up crashing into the pillar they were chained to, freeing them. At the same time, the Clone army flew into the arena and airlifted them out[12].

Padmé, Anakin, and Obi-Wan caught up with Dooku as he fled the arena. Following him to the location of the other Separatists leaders, Anakin and Obi-Wan confronted Dooku in the cave, while Padmé looked on. She witness Dooku cut off Anakin’s arm. When the duel was over, she raced over to assist Anakin[13]. The three of them returned to Naboo, where Padmé and Anakin held their wedding, inviting everyone they knew to attend[14].

Ending the WarEdit

Oh, right. Ani! I’m pregnant!
—Padmé informing Anakin that she is pregnant[src]

Throughout the Clone Wars, Anakin and Padmé sparsely saw each other, but they filled the occasions they could with memorable moments. In 20 BBY, Padmé discovered she was pregnant. Anakin, however, was fighting in the Outer Rim and she was unable to send word to him. She had to wait until he returned.


Obi-Wan assisting Padmé during her death in Anakin's nightmare

In 19 BBY, Anakin returned to Naboo, after Chancellor Palpatine had been captured and rescued by he and Obi-Wan, where he was able to stay with Padmé. During that time, Padmé informed Anakin that she was pregnant[15]. Anakin was shocked by the news, causing him to have a nightmare that night that he ended up killing Padmé trying to save her from death while giving birth, which eventually led Obi-Wan and his son to rebel against him[16]. Padmé never found out about this dream until the two of them were together on Mustafar, after Anakin had pledged himself to the Sith[17].

Padmé became concerned about Anakin after he suddenly disappeared to Mustafar and traveled there to see him. When she met him on Mustafar, Anakin explained what was happening and that everything he was doing was for her safety. When an unknown ship passed overhead, Anakin left to investigate it, leaving Padmé behind[17]. During Anakin’s leave, Padmé went into labor. Bail Organa, who was present to witness the birth of his foster daughter, found Padmé and assisted her give birth[18].

When Obi-Wan returned from dueling Anakin, to retrieve Padmé to help him put Anakin back together, Bail requested Obi-Wan’s aid him with the twins. Padmé gave birth to Luke first, whom Obi-Wan took to Tatooine to be with Luke’s uncle and aunt, then to Leia, whom Bail took to raise as his own daughter. They separated the twins to hide them from Sidious, who would more than likely use them as he used Anakin[18]. When Padmé was finished giving birth, she traveled back to Naboo and retired from politics, setting up a summer home there[19].


Luke: “Mom?
Leia: “Yes. Mom. You know – mother. The one who gave birth to us. She retired from the Senate and has a summer home on Naboo. She lives in it all year round.
―Leia telling Luke about their mother, Padmé[src]

Padmé went into retirement to get away from the politics of the time, as the Republic was being transformed into the Galactic Domain. She stepped down from her position as Senator and moved into her summer home on Naboo. Once she stepped down, however, there was no one to fill her place and Naboo was left without a Senator.

Padmé did not remain on Naboo the entire time. She would make frequent visist to Alderaan to visit Leia, but never traveled to Tatooine to see Luke[19]. She would also travel to Bespin for vacation, finding it to be a nice retreat from the plains of Naboo. She never returned to Coruscant for fear of being drawn back into politics, which she swore she would never do.

Personality and traitsEdit

Don’t get ahead of yourself, Padmé Amidala, who is sumpathetic to kind people.
—Qui-Gon reuniting Padmé’s head with her body[src]

Padmé was most known for her compassion towards those who acted kindly towards others. This was also her greatest weakness, as people would often exploit this characteristic. The Neimoidians attempted to do this twice to get her to sign their peace treaty, but both times the signing was interrupted. This trait was what got her interested in Anakin in the first place, seeing how innocent he was initially.

Padmé was also a devoted leader. As Queen, she refused to leave her people knowing that they would not be treated well during her absence. This forced Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon to remove her head from her body, to take her into hiding. As a Senator, she pressured the Senate constantly to see the Frank Creation Act passed.

Padmé strived to be an encouragement to everyone she met. When Anakin initially proposed, she did not want to discourage him, but gave him a hope that she might consider marrying him. Later, when Anakin was feeling incompetent, Padmé encouraged him, telling him was and was very intelligent as well. This was reinforced in the arena where Dooku said the same thing. She was supportive of Anakin in everything he did, even when he fell to the dark side of the Force.

Behind the scenesEdit

Seth Hoover, the director of The Fanon Menace, played the voice of Padmé. He would often have to take a break and drink something due to the high pitch he would have to use to portray a female voice. The same occurred when he played the voice of Luke in Season 2. Seth also commented that there were many awkward moments when recording voices, as he was supposed to fall in love with co-creator, Joshua McGraw.

Padmé was also the first character in the series to need accessories during filming. To create the illusion that she was pregnant, the director took the hair of Dooku and a wad of sticky-tac stuck the hair on her stomach. The “belly” would fall off often, and the director would have to pause filming to put it back on.


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