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Pablo-Jill was an Ongree Jedi Master during the Clone Wars.


Clone WarsEdit

Pablo-Jill had been present at the battle of Geonosis in 22 BBY. He had been a Jedi General for most of the war until the invasion of Coruscant led by Grievous. Pablo-Jill, Bultar Swan, Tarados Gon, Traavis, Roan Shryne, and Tarr Seir to protect the Chancellor from Grievous until Shaak Ti arrived. However, Pablo-Jill was the fifth Jedi struck down. Before he was struck down, Tarados Gon told the Ongree to take his spot on the Jedi Council, but instead the offer failed and Shaak Ti arrived just as Swan was struck down. After the Chancellor was rescued, Bultar Swan and Tarados Gon's spots on the council were filled by Tsui Choi and an unidentified Quarren master.