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Goblin II glider
P-19 Glider
Production information

Krishnos Technologies


Personal Glider


9,800.5 credits

Physical and technical specifications

1.5 meters


23 kilograms


3,800 kilometers

Usage and history

Rise of the Empire era and onwards


The Goblin

The P-19 Glider was a special hover device used and created by The Goblin. It was a heavily modified Krishnos Glider.

History Edit

The Goblin

The Goblin riding his Glider.

The P-19 Glider was equipped with a turbo thrusters for cases, it also had a compartment to store Pumpkin bombs so that the user did not have to carry them. The Glider included magnatic soles so that the user could hold on during tricks or attacks. Also the glider was able to turn quickly when entering enclosed spaces.

Abilities Edit

The P-19 Glider included blades in the front compartment for arial attacks. The bomb compartment included a speacial spring launch so that the user didnt have to bend down to pick it up. It also had the ability act like a shield in case of attacks.

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