The Ottiumigos Centrality was the ruling body of the Ottiumigons and the sector of the same name. Their leader as of 18 BBY was Gzeldff Hufhm. In this sector was located the planets Kelakus, Novus Kamino Prime, and Ottiumigos Prime.

In 18 BBY, they were attacked by the Yuuzhan Vong and they sent out a distress signal. It was picked up by the new colony, Novus Kamino Prime. Rogue Jedi Nathaniel Kenobi and his wife, Abigaile Jade went along with padawans Logh-Urr, and Pandraxon.

Clone Commander Alpha, organized a battlefleet and they jumped to the system. They fought the Battle of the Ottiumigos Centrality.

After the battle the leaders of the Centrality, settled on Novus Kamino Prime with the Kaminoans.

The Ottiumigos Centrality would later be the name for the confederation of the tri-planet government in the sector. The capital was on Novus Kamino Prime.


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