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Order 88

Legacy era


102 ABY


The Galaxy


Destruction of all jedi and The Dissolution New Jedi Order and New Galactic Empire in the Galaxy. Altyr Dreanor starts his family project, hundreds-years-long-process of building of The Dictature.

As controller of the new New Empire's army, I order our new honoric army to defeat those great evil lords, Luke Skywalker and Roan Fel with their evil organizations, who are trying to take the Galaxy to Dictature together. They are going to make us suffering and die while they laugh at us as evil Dictators. We must defeat them, before its too late! Long live justice, fall own Dictature!
Altyr Dreanor to Galactic Senate

Order 88, also known as The Galaxy Purge was Altyr Dreanor's evil project to destroy the New Galactic Empire and New Jedi Order in order for the Dictature Federation to take control of the Galaxy. Almost every Jedi and Sith was killed, however, when dictature declared, the dictature created Dreanor's Sith Order, which was almost completely the same as the previous sith culture, but everything linked between the era of the Galactic Empire and the Sith Order was changed to falsified links between Dictature's culture and the previous Sith Order. Order 88 began when Altyr Dreanor's grandfather, Dictature's first Dictator, was nominated to lead Roan Fel's army. He improved the army to the point that it was larger than Palpatine's Imperial Army. Then he forged evidence stating that Luke and Roan have planned to change the Galaxy into a terrible dictature. He then ordered the army, with the backing of the Galactic Senate, to destroy the Empire,  and all Jedi and Sith except a few ones.


Altyr Dreanor was a high ranked grand moff in the Imperial army, and had his family's former plan to take the Galaxy under absolute power. He was loyal soldier to Emperor so much that Roan were impressed about that grand moff. It is not surely known how he took the rank of army controller, but it is almost sure that he took it by his good relations to the Emperor. He was very skilled in money faking and faking important political things. So he easily faked evidences for the "inner evil" of Roan Fel and Luke Skywalker. Hi abang boy. Besok Keluar trailer.



Dreanor's Grand Moff, Ventor, just before their attack to Roan Fel's Palace.

The Time is Now. It's time to get rid of our enemies. Execute Order 88!
—Altyr Dreanor to Roan Fel's army's generals.

By year 102 ABY, the all preparations for army size, weapons and the army itself were ready and Dreanor to finally execute his project. First step were: they invaded Roan Fel's palace and killed all imperial knights. They murdered Fel, because he could start a mutiny against them, because he faked the evidences. After that he again faked evidences that Fel was murdered by a Jedi. Army attacked against Jedi and sith and easily destroyed the Sith, but the Jedi hid across the Galaxy so they were not so easily destroyed. Not so easily, but defeated in 10 months. The Sith were destroyed 1 month and 2 week.

Known Jedi survivorsEdit

There were a lot of survivors, who where both Jedi and Sith, but here's a list of known survivors:

Known Sith survivorsEdit

Known VictimsEdit

There were milliards of victims (Jedi, sith, officers, Roan Fel's Imperial servants, Civils, warriors, pirates and every senator) in the Galaxy Purge, but here are all known victims.

  • Jaina Solo
  • Ben Skywalker
  • An unknown vice Grand master for Luke Skywalker
  • The rest of the Padawan Pack
  • Five Sith apprentices made "apprentice group"
  • The Imperial Knights
  • Roan Fel
  • Every Roan Fel's guard
  • Serveal Fel's officers
  • Hundred thousands civils
  • Unknown Jedi Lord (killed in Fel's palace an were put on Fel's body as evidence that he killed Roan, and then they killed the Jedi "heroically") 
  • Sehere Yrom
  • Few resisting army officers (killed in Fel's palace entrance)

After the OrderEdit

The Order destroyed all major governments and Organizations in the Galaxy so there were no rules anywhere, and that caused much crime. Not so much, because the large army had destroyed many crime organizations. The Galaxy were over 200 years with no government, until 304 ABY, finally Dreanor was ready to declare his new Dictature. Then the Galaxy were under terrible and strong control over 3000 years. All the Jedi survivors met up on Tatooine, because in a arid desert world it was easy to make a hideout underground. And so they did. It was only a home to Jedi, not a headquarters. Sith survivors had no together hideout, but Dreanor took them to train him new force-sensitive sith lords to get own sith order. He manipulated those to lead his new order. But in fact, Dreanor led it. 


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