Or'rac was a world in the Imperial House popular with the civilization's wealthy. Several years before the first Great War, the population of the planet was just over 625 million. There were over a million satellites in orbit and eight hundred and fifty space stations between the planet and the lunar bodies orbit (at 345,000km) with several hundred more within a million kilometers from the surface.

Physical attributes Edit

The planet had fifteen continents and many small oceans. Most of the planet was covered in grass lands or forest, however there were two major desert regions in the southern himisphere. Most of the cities were on the largest continent, Ka'bos.

History Edit

Or'rac had been the focal point of major events of Wolatarian History. Both the Spika Wars and the Second Great War began above her surface.

Colonization Edit

The first colonist landed on the planet in Imperial Year 115, they settled on the continents of Ka'bos. The initial population was 3600, which quickly grew. The city of Sansu was built near the coastline and expanded. Vast fields of fossil fuels were discovered in the southern hemisphere and a refining industry began took off.

Colony to Luxury World Edit

It's a modest estate. But, I'm only a general, not the emperor."
—Lt. General Parvil, concerning his estate on Or'rac[[src]]

With rich plains and a moderate climate, the world supported vast agricultural development. In the pre-hyperdrive era, most of the worlds production was used on world, or on orbiting stations. However, with the acquisition of the hyperdrive, the rich production began regular outflow and the boom of on world agricultural development. Massive estates began to form, with millions of square acres per farm. Communities and towns began to cluster around four of five large estates, with shipping ports. With advanced automated systems doing the farming, high tech positions and educational nodes opened up to support this technological infrastructure. Massive civil projects of dams and irrigation were undertaken and the citizens of Or'rac quickly became some of the wealthiest in the Imperial House.

Spika War Edit

Spika cruisers, coming out of jump! All fighters engage
—Commander Lota of the Battlestation Alef-4

The start of the first Spika War actually began over Or'rac. Funded by the Spika, the sister world to Or'rac, the mining colony Lybi succeeded from the Imperial House. The second fleet, based over Or'rac, moved to secure the planet, but was beaten back by the rebel forces and a small fleet of unusual dreadnoughts. Jumping back to Or'rac, the second fleet was all but wiped out with the Spika battle fleet jumped into system, assisted by the Spika built rebel fighters. The first and fifth fleet jumped from Woltar and fought back the rebel and Spika forces, which allowed the main Spika fleet to attack the capital.

Post-Spika War Edit

Damage to Or'rac during the Spika Wars was minimum. Three industrial cities suffered nuclear strikes, and three fleet battles in orbit caused damage to the satellite network and dozens of space stations. However, the planet recovered and continued to be a profitable agricultural world, as well as boosting a post-war influx of tourist to the planet's millions of kilometers of beaches.

Destruction Edit

During the first Great War with the Empire, the planet was razed with turbolaser fire, but not to the degree of other Wolatarian Worlds. It became a centre for salvage by survivors on Vindobona. Many of the surviving luxury speeders from citizens before the war on the planet, became security force patrol vehicles on the new world.

Resettlement Edit

The first set of new colonist arrived back for permanent settlement in 42 ABY. The planet once again became a centre of agriculture and fine living for the next century.

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