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Just think of it Nute, wealth and power will be bestowed upon us if this plan of ours works, I'm sure you'll agree to this operation too.
—Dooku convincing Viceroy Gunray to approve Operation Sneak along with the other Separatists leaders

Operation Sneak or, as often referred to by droid commanders and records, Plan 133-H12300454 was an undercover CIS operation consisting of a series of almost unrecorded battles. Its battles ranged from sneak attacks on critical worlds to plundering planets, gathering data and gaining permanent footholds that would be revealed later by the surprised Republic intelligence. The entire operation was led by General Grievous and performed by the full forces of the 33rd Battle Legion.

Solitary preparations Edit

In order to maintain the operation's stealthy nature, communications transmissions could only be sent after a world fell to the Confederacy, so reinforcements were almost nonexistent. Supplies could only be delivered if the fleet carrying the army reached a friendly planet or station. The Separatists arranged forces that were already deployed, such as droids and local Confederate supporters to join to the fleet and army.

Base worlds Edit

Worlds that left the Republic or planned to do so were ordered by Count Dooku to support the undercover 33rd Legion if they came to the planet and aid them. This chart shows the list of such planets, the CIS structures on them and the support they could provide:

  • Geonosis – Small droid foundry /Droid, vehicle, fighter and Geonosian backup/Resupply.
  • Felucia – Shu Mai's nase/Gossam backup.
  • Mandalore – Mandalorian towns/Mandalorian and vehicle backup/Resupply.
  • Munilinst – IBC base/Vehicle backup/Resupply/Credits.
  • Cato Nemoidia – Nemoidian cities/Nemoidian soldier and fighter backup/Resupply.
  • Nemoidia – Nemoidian cities/Nemoidian and cruiser backup/Resupply
  • Serenno – Dooku's states/Droid and fighter backup/Credits
  • Gearyep(Small outpost) – CIS outpost and factory/Droid,fighter and Geonosian backup/Resupply.


Battle of Geonosis Edit

<We have engaged two Jedi starfighters and an Acclamator-class assault ship...><They have bested our fighters and wiped out the missile frigates, the Republic army is coming, alert all personnel on Geonosis.>
—Unknown Geonosian pilot to the commanders on Geonosis

Geonosian scouts determined that the Jedi would bring reinforcements when fighters brought reports of a cruiser escorted by two Jedi starfighters.

The first thing they did was the packing of all essential equipment and droids aboard the core ships before the Republic army arrived. All of these ships were at a secret landing spot.

What are you doing here? You're escorting me to the hangar! End of story!
—General Grievous' orders to OOM-9 and his troops.

As the core ships took off, Republic assault ships went to attack. The droids successfully assembled cannons with the help of their speeder escort, provided by Captain Deetle and pilots heading to a hidden hangar. Geonosians operated the canons to blast the underbellies of Republic ships. However, another problem arose, as the enemy spies found out General Grievous' existence and planned to send bombers to quickly dispatch him. OOM-38 who was ordered to go into battle by Commander Olam Fac told Grievous of the planned ambush on him and, in response, was ordered to stay near him as part of his droid team to escort him to Soulless One.

This is of great priority so don't mess this up. Our secrecy hangs on your shoulders.
—Olam Fac to his troops.
Olam Fac rounded up Acklay Squad, including Deetle, explaining that the Acclamators have received intel on General Grievous. To maintain this secret, they were to fly and destroy any transmission antennae and any escaping craft that carried data. They had little time since the core ships jammed communications but were about to leave.
150px-Jedi Squadron

Geonosians engage the Jedi fighters as they escape.

After OOM-38 reached the hangar with Grievous, OOM was left behind as Grievous escaped. Fortunately, he found a STAP and received orders to load the army into the last core ship. The 33rd Legion began their retreat as they ran to the craft.

I see you're on board now. Don't worry your circuit board, I've been ordered to protect you.
—Deetle to OOM-38 by comlink.
Deetle and Olam shot down several fighters but were ordered to return to the surface of Geonosis to protect the last battleship taking off. It was important since it was taking heavy fire. Deetle formulated a plan to the increasingly desperate Olam to make an apparent suicidal bombing run consisting of blasting the bridge and the vulnerable underbelly of the attacking enemy ships. Olam said it was a mad plan, but mad enough to work if both performed well enough to cause large damage. They took down all ships, thus clearing the way for the core ships to escape.

A damaged core ship manages to escape due to Deetle's and Olam's efforts.

Evacuation of Geonosis 100% percent successful. Light casualties for the 33rd Legion. Grievous is safe and all forces aware of our presence has been terminated
—Report on the first battle of Operation Sneak.

As the fleet was rounded up, they left the Geonosis system picking up supplies on Gearyep headed to a new assignment on Mandalore.

Mandalore Edit

These are fierce warriors and are likely more efficient than Republic clones.
—Olam Fac

After escaping from Geonosis, the next phase was the recruitment of non-droid forces, including one particularly strong nation, the Mandalorians. The route required them to follow the Hydian Way to the other side of the galaxy to Mandalore. The mission was to interact with the locals to receive support. Other plans were to assassinate Mandalorian trainers to disrupt clone learning. However, Republic intelligence discovered the location of the ambush and prepared a fleet.

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