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Operation Interdictor was an Imperial operation conducted by the Galactic Empire to exterminate the Omenga Pirates in orbit around Sulon.

The operation was conducted by the Imperial Intelligence officer Lentse she planned on stealing a Marauder Corvette from local Black Sun Pirates. Lentse Immediately Procured one corvette and brought her Lancer Frigate. She was asked for Identification by the Omenga Pirates providing the false Identity of Salan. She after having one Tug delivering a container full of explosives to the Omenga's main base. The Omenga leader Managa Quickly Cross Referenced Salan and found this person not to exist soon afterward Managa told his Pirate Forces to play along and requested at least 2 more Marauder Corvettes be delivered to counter act the Lancer Frigate being picked up on sensors. After the Container was dropped in the base's hanger the pilot of the tug and hijacked a YT-1300 and immediately left the hanger the tug exploded and caused several Major Hull gaps which caused the station to explode. The 2 Quite Angry Crews of both Marauder Corvettes attacked Lentse’s Lancer and destroyed it ultimately causing Lentse to lose her databank and records causing confusion later in her career to force her to leave the Empire.


Lentse on her Captured Marauder Corvette was forced to leave with the now stolen YT-1300 she was promoted to High General after the operation.

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