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Operation: Red Giant
Coruscant bombardement

Last Sith War


324 ABY

Major battles
  • Assault on Coruscant
  • Battle of Anaxes
  • Kuat Massacre
  • First Battle of Corellia
  • Battle of Balmorra
  • Cato Neimodia Massacre
Eternal Empire
Galactic Triumvirate

Operation: Red Giant was a large-scale military campaign carried out by the Eternal Empire against the Galactic Triumvirate, consisting of a series vicious surprise attacks on various points across the galaxy concurrently that resulted in the immediate Sith conquest of several galactic regions and the catastrophic loss of billions of lives.

Battles Edit

Assault on Coruscant Edit

Battle of Anaxes Edit

Kuat Massacre Edit

First Battle of Corellia Edit

Battle of Balmorra Edit

Cato Neimodia Massacre Edit

Aftermath Edit

Impact Edit

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