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<Yes sir!*And what should I do next, go into the factory's core to get your Arch Grub lunch in five seconds before the meal burns with radioactivity.?*>
Deetle, one of Olam's workers whispering on Olam's temper and orders.

Olam Fac was a Elite Geonosian pilot for the Stalgasin hive and trainer for the Acklay squad. He was known for hs ruthles suicide tactics and manipulation of lower drones much like his relative Sun Fac.


Military CarreerEdit

Olam was born on the Stalgasin hive as a winged upper class Geonosian. His position in the geonosian castes and his ambition led him to pursue military options. He suprised everyone for showing superv skills as a pilot and earned a reputation as a feared pilot who shot down several forces from rebellious hives. After a long carreer of service, and as times of false peace lurked on Geonosis, he took a role as a trainer for pilot drones for Acklay squad.

Daring DroneEdit

<He should have some element of rebellion in his blood. No matter, a little extra work should eliminate it.>
—Olam reffering to Deetle before his first day of training

One of Olam's trainees, Deetle Cerchk had cught his attention when he went through data on drones when he learned Deetle was the son of rebels from the now-destroyed Golbah hive. He believed that Deetle might be the seed that could destroy order in the hive and believed he should make Deetle get extra work and more dangerous which upset and angered Deetle. Olam expected Deetle to remain without any movement of rebellion or die in battle. When the time came for Deetle to prove himself at the Ebon Sea Course along with a few of his comrades from his training group as the rest were to test next. Olam was waching in disgust as most of his studentes were shot down but Deetle remained and managed to shoot down the enemy but crahed. Olam expected Deetle to die but he survived and was promoted to captain on his squad by Poggle himself. Olam in disgrace of what happened only said to Deetle.

Don't pull anything when were in service

Grudging respectEdit

Olam was assigned as a commander during the Battle of Geonosis with orders to protect the Core ships at all costs. As commander of Acklay squad, he carried his orders and kept a close eye on Deetle though hi performance was great. Olam began to somewhat admire Deetle when formulating a plan when it appeared the Core ship caring the 33rd legion was lost. When the Battle was over he congratulated Deetle but was more worried of Deetle's brilliantness and how it could cost him but needed right now to prepare the pilots for Mandalore.


My squadron will protect the transfer
—Olam Fac agrees in a Mandalorian deal

Olam upon arriving on Mandalore prepared for what he later notified to his squad as a meeting with Mandalore the Ultimate. Olam was there to affirm to part of a deal that he would protect a trade of Mandalorian weapons, soldiers and vehicles for Warships and droids. Olam whoever expecting the switch to be quick and painless, unaware of an incoming message.

Republic ships aproaching! We've been found. All droids and personel to battle stations
—Deetle discovers an incoming fleet

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Olam's name, when spelled backwards spells "Malo" which in Spanish means Bad which refers to Olam's harsh tretments toward Deetle and other drones.

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