Mandalorian Revolution


Galactic War II

Occupation of Iziz

1078 ABY


1078 ABY




Mandalorian victory

Major battles


  • Mandalorian Union
  • Onderon Republic



The Occupation of Iziz, also called the Mandalorian Occupation of Iziz and Mandalorian Invasion of Iziz and the Two-Day War, was a minor yet devastating conflict that took place on Onderon at the planets' capital of Iziz. Onderon Republic forces surrendered within 48 hours. This is one of the short wars that would lead to the devastating Galaxy-wide conflict, Galactic War II.

Battle Edit

The invasion began early in the morning. Onderon forces quickly ushered in most of their military once Mandalorian forces were spotted. Even though the Onderonian forces had extensive numbers, they were quickly outnumbered by the Mandalorians. Within 24 hours, the Onderon forces were drastically weakened. They decided to bring in heavy artillery, but were no match for the Mandalorians' Neo Basilisk War machine. Within another 24 hours, the Onderonian forces surrendered.

Aftermath Edit

Iziz was nearly destroyed in the battle. Upon losing the capital, the Onderon Republic's political strength was drastically damaged. Any of the cities un-evacuated citizens were enslaved or imprisoned. This was considered the shortest, yet devastating conflict Onderon had ever experienced.

Behind the scenes Edit

This article was started and finished on January 26th 2008 and was created by Arcai, age 13.

The battle in this article is the Star Wars counterpart to the Occupation of Poland that started World War II.

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