This article is about OOM-9's rebirth. You may be looking for the similar canon subject, OOM-9.

OOM-9 was deactivated on Naboo, but his head was secretly taken off world with some other droids.

In the Clone Wars, OOM-9 was reactivated, and was initially head of the Confederate Army. At, Geonosis, however, he was forced to flee. On Raxis Prime, he found the Force Harvester for Count Dooku. It was here he became head of the Confederate army, a title he lost after his failure to defend the Dark Reaper. OOM-9 went with General Grievous to Hypori, and had fair success, until a small group of surviving Jedi destroyed his tank, and ended his life. Rumor persists that OOM-9 tried to kill General Grievous on Hypori. He sent a group of battle droids after Grievous, to no avail. Grievous destroyed them, and if the rumor was correct, OOM-9 with them.


Juc Fac took the few parts of OOM-9 he could find, including memory cartridge, and reconstructed him into a new droid. Because of this, OOM-9's new form was just as smart as his old, an excellent tactician. He was made from a destroyed trade federation droid B-1 parts, and some Geonosian metal parts, with the Head and arm of OOM-9.

He led the Droid forces in the battles of Leziquk and Rhen Var.

He was eventually killed by CC/94. He uploaded his elite programming(which had evolved during this time) onto a Separatist channel, to be downloaded by another clone droid. The droid was nearly impossible to kill, but in the end, 94 blasted the transmitter, disrupting the upload.

The memories of OOM-9 were lost, but the traits earned by the memories were kept. The new OOM-9b, (who called himself OOM-JUC) went berserk, capturing a cruiser and destroying two damaged acclamators before being caught. Before they could kill him, he launched an escape pod. He landed on Rhen Var, where he stayed, before receiving a message from General Dellso. He was recruited into Gizor's new Droid army.

Behind the scenesEdit

Some nice fanon vandalism on Wookiepedia caught my eye, so I copied the text here. Please not that before the "rebirth" Section, it is not my work.--1upD

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