Novus Kamino Prime was a planet in the Outer Rim near the planet of Toola. It became the new colony of the Kaminoans after the Battle of Kamino. The planet would be the new homeworld of the Kaminoans way into the Reaver War. It was also the homeworld of the Loup-garous, who attained sentience around the time of the War.

It was founded by the renegade Jedi, Nathaniel Kenobi, his wife, Abigaile Jade, Nathan's apprentices, Logh-Urr, and Pandraxon, Lama Su, and Taun We.


Novus Kamino Prime was formed in the Ottiumigos Centrality billions of years ago, eventually bearing life six hundred million years ago. Due to its isolated position, no starship ever entered the planet's system—although it was rumored that the ancient Celestials had come to help jumpstart the planet's species' evolution—until 18 BBY that was.

Following the Battle of Kamino, a colony was founded on Novus Kamino Prime. Kaminoans, clone troopers, and Jedi formed the planet's first government and constructed the planet's first city, Utosh Karp and the Jedi Temple. At this time, the planet was ruled by Prime Minister Taun We, following her superior's death.

The planet also housed the Belsavis Jedi refugees after they had been forced into exile by the Empire. The Ottiumigons also populated Novus Kamino Prime, after the Battle of the Ottiumigos Centrality.

Following Nathan's departure, Novus Kamino Prime began to enjoy a short era of peace, that was, until the Kaminoans and Ottiumigons had a border dispute. The Jedi failed to enact in time, leaving an opening for a false savior to come to "help".

The new man came under the guise of Nathan's grandson: Nathaniel Kenobi Solo. He began to teach the colonies in different ways than promised by Nathaniel Kenobi in his prophecy. A dispute began and a rift formed between the two opposing sides; one supporting the "savior", the other opposing.

The impostor took his followers to Ottiumigos Prime and began plans to retake Novus Kamino Prime. Novus Kamino Prime, itself, became the center of all followers of Nathan's teachings, in effect, the polar opposite of Ottiumigos Prime.

Unfortunately, during the Sith Crusade, it was destroyed during the Battle of Novus Kamino Prime. The planet remained in a ruinous state for the next few hundred years, before it was restored to its former glory about 600 ABY.

The planet prospered, and became an epicenter for trade and development around the time of the late Darkness Era. The nobility of the planet eventually became corrupt with power, and started to separate people in terms of class. Noble class citizens lived in the capital in rich, splendid mansions, while the middle class were forced to work in the countryside, to provide the Nobility with food. The low class citizenry were forced into the slums, where they had little control over their lives.

A rebellion broke out about 2,490 ABY over the subject of this class-system. The lower class citizens rebelled, capturing the capital for weeks. However, the Fourth Republic sent Jedi to end the revolt, and broke the siege and defeated the rebels with ease. They took many of the leaders of the rebellion, including Skyar Lycani, to Coruscant to stand trial for their actions.

The next decade the Novus Kaminoians were at their peak of power, and almost formed an independent government, which was halted by the start of the Second Galactic Civil War. They then secretly allied with the Fourth Republic because they had assisted them ten years before. When the Vancita Alliance came and offered an alliance, they refused, making the Vancita suspicious. They found out about their alliance with the Republic, and in a rage, destroyed the entire planet, taking the entire planet's populace into captivity. They laid waste to the planet, turning most of it into a barren wasteland. Only a measly forest remained unscathed.

The populace were sent to be put on trial, but it was deemed they knew nothing of their alliance and other evil plots. The populace was set free, but were unable to return to Novus Kamino. The leaders of the planet were sentenced to life in prison at Werrew IV. Thus Novus Kamino ceased to be populated all the way up to the Reaver War, or so the rest of the Galaxy thought.

Secretly, a rogue Kaminoan scientist had saved a significant portion of the population underground and had begun massive terraforming projects. Eventually the surface was able to be inhabited again and the tri-species mix of the planet began to rule over it anew.

The planet was later evacuated following the Battle of Novus Kamino Prime. The Kaminoans, Ottiumigons, Loup-garous were relocated to the Yavin settlements.

Flora and faunaEdit

Novus Kamino Prime was blessed with a variety of wildlife. Some say that the planet's secludedness greatly attributed to the diversity of animal species, and even allowed sentient life to evolve at one point.

Below is a list of some of the better known species that inhabited Novus Kamino Prime.

Society and cultureEdit

Despite being under the control of a very stable government, Novus Kamino Prime was still very scarce when it came to cities. The only major city was Utosh Karp. There were other settlements, but they consisted mainly of hermits and other assorted vagabonds.

Over the centuries, the population of Novus Kamino Prime swelled and rose. Kaminoans would provide the backbone for the population, with clone troopers coming in as a close second. Ottiumigons and Kelakans made up a minority and usually lived in the slums of Utosh Karp.

Loup-garous were never fully counted by scientists of any xenobiologist in the Galaxy. They were vast in number following the evacuation of Novus Kamino Prime and became involved in the majority of the tri-species mix at this point.

Humans, Selkath, Bith, and several other races also provided a portion of the population, but they were hardly ever numerous by any means, especially following the Second Galactic Civil War.


The planet was very diverse in climate zones. It had magnificent jungles, deserts, polar regions, and other specific climates.

It was very famous for its vast seas and plains. The tides coming from the planet's moon, Mirka, made the oceans rise to tremendous heights, flooding the plains region. To "combat" this, many of the planet's creatures had adapted to life on both of the terrains, making for some of the most biologically-diverse life in the Galaxy.

One of the spots of interests on the planet was the Sea of Pleasure. Thus called because of the sweet, aromatic fumes emitted from the ocean floor. This was a phenomenon that was never truly explained by science.

The fumes were sometimes captured by pirates and brought throughout the Galaxy for uses in perfumes and for courts of important rulers and senators.

The jungles of Novus Kamino Prime sprawled most of the planet near the equator. Over seventy-five percent of the planet's wildlife were found there.

The deserts were minuscule at best and by the time of the Reaver War, were so whittled down, all life that had adapted to living in that terrain had either evolved or gone extinct.

The polar ice caps were also small, the result of the planet's close proximity to its sun: Novo.


Novus Kamino Prime's first government came when Prime Minister Lama Su and his aide Taun We worked together with several Jedi Knights to remodel their old Constitution of Kamino.

The Jedi argued that they must be allowed special privileges so that they could protect the planet better. Unfortunately, Lama Su died and Taun We took control of the role of Prime Minister. A further blow to the new Constitution came when Nathaniel Kenobi left the planet after he self-exiled himself.

The promises the Jedi had been given were revoked and the Constitution was remodeled, making Taun We the absolute ruler of Novus Kamino Prime. She wasn't a dictator, though, as she was establishing a monarchy.

Growls of dissent arose from several Knights, but Taun We was able to hold power till the Sith Crusade.

After hundreds of years of servitude and anguish, the Kaminoans, Ottiumigons, and Kelakans agreed to form a new coalition, with the capital on Novus Kamino Prime. This would dissolve, however, after the Vancita invasion of the capital. It devastated the planet almost to the point of making it another Bonadan.

Luckily, a Kaminoan scientist was able to terraform the planet and return the tri-species—now quad, as the Loup-garous had attained sentience—to the surface. A new monarchy was formed, but that too, was destroyed during the devastating Reaver War.


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