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Norris "Brutalidon" Raddek was an Ithorian born in a small village on the Bacta world of Thyferra. He was trained in the ways of Mancery, an ancient way of mastering the Force used by the old Sith, by Boli Delish. He set up the small alliance between the Jedi and the Mancers as his first order of business. He was later possessed by the first Mancer Lord Grakon and nearly brought Boli to his death. He was killed years later during a battle to destroy the Jedi, still possessed.

Brutalidon was one of the most powerful Mancer Lords, along with his mentor and friend Boli Delish. He had mastered the ability to use elements during battle and used this technique many times to his advantage, defeating many Jedi and Sith.

When Brutalidon was killed during the final fight with the Jedi, his spirit and the spirit of Grakon left his body. Through this final fight, Grakon did accomplish his goal and struck fear into the eyes of the galaxy once again as three Jedi Council members were killed, many more injured.

Brut's spirit then resided in the body of Jedi Master Dexon Kyjar, giving him advice and the power of Force Mancery, but also giving him the taint of the Dark Side.


Growing UpEdit

Brutalidon was born on the bacta planet of Thyferra. This is especially odd since there are rarely people living on the planet, let alone Ithorians. He lived in a small village in which he and his family were the only Ithorians around. Growing up, he had no idea that he could be Force sensitive, let alone learn a mysterious way of using the Force. He didn't even know the Force existed. He just spent all his time helping out around the village and gathering up the bacta to help heal people who were in need of it.

His family was not remarkable, neither even had jobs, they merely went to Thyferra to have a life. It was a peaceful place, especially considering the lack of people. Most of them had come to the planet for exactly the same reason as his parents. As such, he was bored most of the time on planet, with nothing to occupy his time other than a few regional tasks.

He gained a basic concept of architecture and agriculture from his time on Thyferra, helping to manage farms for a small fee and constructing small buildings to be used as homes for other residents. He also devoted some of his time to studying the bacta on the planet to try and find out how it worked. He never succeeded at this.

Early on into his life, many Republic and Sith people began coming to Thyferra, presumably to collect the bacta that was on the planet. That could only lead Brutalidon to believe that there was a war going on somewhere. They were probably also using the kolto from Manaan. He wondered how they could have found out about the planet, as it was out in the middle of nowhere. There had to someone from either side that had been there to know what was out there.

Finding a PurposeEdit

Brutalidon was finding life on Thyferra was starting to becoming rather boring. He wanted to get out and go help people somewhere else somehow. He figured his chances were slim to none to get off the planet, considering very few people came by choice or knew about it. However, later on in his life at around the age of seventeen human years, a strange being came to the planet. He said his name was Arkantos. He offered Brutalidon passage to a world where they trained force users to help people in strange ways. Little did he know he was actually going to be trained as a Sith.


Arkantos, AKA Darth Abdennute

So the two of them went off to Korriban. Brutalidon knew right upon arriving that something did not seem right. He felt evil and the world just looked... terrible. But, they said that he would be helping people, so he went along with it. That was only one of the lies they told him. The man named Arkantos was lying about his name. Around Korriban everybody continued calling Darth Abdennute. This man, whoever he actually was, was Brutalidon's Sith Master throughout his very brief training. He learned very little, his Juyo lightsaber form and he obtained his special black lightsaber crystal.

Later on that year, a man named Alvalleborai "Boli" Del Iishi had come to Korriban for reasons unknown to Brutalidon, and described a new way of using the Force to him, called Mancery. Figuring that it couldn't be any worse than what he was learning here, Brutalidon left the Sith Academy to go and learn this way of the Force with Boli. It would prove to very valuable and destructive, both to others and to himself.

Learning the WaysEdit

Boli and Brutalidon trained on Korriban for a while, a long way away from any colonies. Apparently they had to be near force nodes to use their power, and these were very strong on Korriban. However, through their training on Korriban they both learned that using this power took an amount of energy from their bodies, and using too much could end up destroying the person using the power. Depending on the strength of the node, the powers available could be weak or immensely powerful, far beyond a Sith Lord or Jedi Master.

Boli told Brutalidon that he was around 3000 years old and from out of the galaxy. This surprised him a great deal, though it changed nothing. They continued training together, mastering their skills. Mancery allowed the user to create anything with the Force and use it to their luxury. Boli began perfecting his golden sphere, while Brutalidon began mastering the elements, in particular, fire.


A combination of the great powers: A golden sphere on fire

The two of them honed their skills until they realized they needed to leave Korriban before anybody found them. They found a ship and left, going in any direction, eventually stumbling upon Coruscant. The home of the Jedi was in for a big surprise.

Forging an AllianceEdit

After wandering around Coruscant for a while, the two found a large temple structure. They sensed a large amount of nodes surrounding the temple, and there was an abundance of force users inside. Brutalidon feared this would be another home to those Sith that he had been training with, but it wasn't. They walked inside only to be greeted very friendily, welcomed inside and taking a tour. They found out this place was a Jedi temple and that the Jedi were the sworn enemies of the Sith. This was perfect for Brutalidon since he also had a dislike for the Sith. He figured the two factions would get along well.

For the next little while, Boli went around doing his own thing while Brutalidon made acquaintances with the rest of the Jedi around the temple. He met with a Kit Corwin Rendar, Askrut Akvyss, Eliatre Sabre and a Sirius Venn, all very popular Jedi around the temple for one reason or another. Over the months that he spent in the presence of the Jedi on Coruscant, he grew to be friends with some of the Jedi and eventually told them about Mancery. None of them decided to learn it besides one Anakin Lishto, who trained under both Boli and himself.

After some time of staying at their temple, the Jedi Council finally requested an audience with the Mancer Lord. They asked him what the goals of the religion was, and though he could give no specific answer, he told them he wanted to spread knowledge of Mancery and to help protect the galaxy. In this, the Jedi and the Mancers had a similarity between them and an alliance was signed. The Jedi agreed to fund and assist in the creation of two temples for the Mancers and in turn they would help the Jedi with any skirmishes with the Sith.

Bases and EnemiesEdit

Many more had decided to learn Mancery from him and Boli, and eventually they were running out of room on Coruscant with the Jedi there as well. Brutalidon and Boli decided that they needed somewhere to go and eventually decided to move to two places. A base was constructed on Yavin IV due to its powerful nodes and on Hoth due to the rough training conditions. Either Boli or himself would preside over one base at a time.

During this transition period, however, on Yavin IV, Brutalidon met up with a Sith Lord by the name of Darth Teddy. Given the name, he did not think Teddy would be much of a challenge, but he ended up being one of his main rivals. The Sith Lord was powerful, and when they first met up on Yavin, it was nearly a fight to the death. His mastery of the dark side was almost a match for Brutalidon's mastery of Mancery, though in the end Teddy was driven away by a storm of flaming lightning. He would come back many a time to attempt to take the base back, but never succeeded where the power nodes were so strong.


Darth Teddy during a fight with Brutalidon

However, there was one time when he was traveling between the bases on Hoth and Yavin when he neglected to notice that Teddy had snuck onto his ship. This was a very dangerous situation, as in space, as with air, there were no power nodes. He could not rely on his Mancery to win this battle, but Teddy could still use the Force. In the end, both of Brutalidon's feet were cut off by Teddy before he left, leaving him to his misery. He had to make a stop over with Askrut Akvyss, who was very adept with technology to get him to create two new feet for him. He was good as new, with revenge at the Sith Lord on his mind.

Taken OverEdit

You are far more powerful than your master now, and I needed a body to come back into this life. You seemed the likely candidate. And with my power combined with yours, the galaxy will tremble before me once again!
—Ancient Mancer Lord Grakon

A few years later, Brutalidon had a dream, given to him by the original Mancer Lord, Grakon, ordering him to travel to the acid world of Vjun where he was buried. He was skeptical as to why he alone had to go to Vjun to seek out a body, but did as his dream stated. He first sensed out towards the world to make sure there was some power there for him to tap into should he need it. There was, all concentrated into one area, and he figured that was the burial site.

He made his way to the acid world, creating a small shield above his head to keep from being burned to a crisp by the pouring rain. Walking along the dirt he felt overwhelmed with power. The power that he was drawing, without even trying, from this node was unbelievable. He felt as though he could shake the planet. Approaching more, a spirit rose from the ground and began speaking to him.


The spirit of Mancer Lord Grakon, prepared to enter Brutalidon

The spirit flew down into his body and he immediately felt as though he had the power of gods. His own power had combined with that of the most powerful Mancer in the history of their order. However, he no longer had any inkling to help people. Grakon had taken over him completely, and he wanted only to destroy all that he knew. The Sith first, then the Jedi. And anyone else who stood in his way.

Attempted Destruction of the Sith on KorribanEdit

I defeated you the last time we met. What makes you think you can take me on now?"
"You can't feel it? I have grown exponentially in power, and in this place, nobody here can stop me!"

—Darth Teddy and Brutalidon

Searching through Brutalidon's mind, Grakon found out who his one true enemy was. Darth Teddy. And he knew exactly where to find him, the Sith world of Korriban. The nodes were very powerful there, as Brutalidon already knew, so he had the ability to eliminate the entire academy to get to him if need be.

He took his ship back to Korriban again, greeted at the door of the academy as a traitor. They obviously remembered him as the one that left after only a few months of training. He needed no use of Mancery to dispose of these guards, he simply used the Force to thrust them through the academy walls. They weren't dead, but they weren't going anywhere anytime soon.

He walked in through the now unguarded academy doors only to see a legion of Sith acolytes and some masters training. They all already had their lightsabers ignited and were prepared to attack. Before they could, his arms flung out and filled the room with a roaring wave of lightning, created with Mancery. It had more of a stunning effect than anything, as the entire room lay on the ground powerless. He took that time to freeze them all into ice-sickles using Mancery as well. He was sure the academy was almost completely decimated, as there were tons of people in there. Walking up the sloped walkway, he saw Darth Teddy sitting in the center of the main plaza, such as it was. He rose and drew his lightsaber.

Smiling, Brutalidon threw up his arms and released a powerful force wave, though Teddy was able to counter that and stay standing. The Sith Lord came charging towards him, only to be stopped a foot in front of him by some sort of invisible wall. He ran face first into it and went crashing to the ground. Brutalidon picked him up using a force choke and looked him in the eye while he hovered. He took out his lightsaber and proceeded to cut off both his feet, as an homage to their last battle before using Mancery to burst him into flames, then picked up his lightsaber to keep as his own. With Teddy out of the way, he had one more person he had to take care of. Darth Abdennute.


The End of Darth Teddy

From what he understood the man that had taken him as a teenager was the master of the academy, and while this was only one of the Sith's many academies across the galaxy, disposing of everyone inside would surely bring them warning. He sensed that the Sith Lord was in his chambers down in the opposite side of the academy. There was a very powerful node right near there, which was not good for him.

Brutalidon walked along the corridors until he was outside the door to his chambers. It was heavily barricaded, he probably heard the commotion. But he didn't need to get in. With a node that powerful, he might as well just blow up the whole room. He closed his eyes and concentrated, actually losing a lot of energy to conjure up this next power. Blood started coming out his nostrils and as he was finishing, he spoke to his old master through the Force.

With that speech finished, the room suddenly exploded, all the ceiling crumbling down and leaving nothing inside but a bunch of wreckage covering a severely broken body. Brutalidon had to stop to take a rest. That amount of work to use one power tired him out, even with the combined strength of two Mancer Lords. He cleared his mind and went back to the ship, now setting a course for Coruscant.

Interrupted Destruction of the JediEdit

Brut, I know you have grown stronger than me in Mancery, thanks to that evil spirit you have now, but here, you have nothing. I will not let you harm the Jedi.
—Boli Delish

While on their way to Coruscant, a long flight from Korriban, the ship picked up something strange on their sensors, and all of a sudden their ship was shot by heavy laser fire. The engines were blown and the hull was starting to tear apart, so they made an emergency stop on the next closest planet. Myrkr.

Ithorian Sith by Scarecrovv

Brutalidon standing victorious with Darth Teddy's lightsaber

This was definitely not the ideal situation. Mancery was still a way of using the force, and the abundance of the force eating pets on Myrkr took away Brutalidon's ability of using the force. He now had to rely on his lightsaber mastery if he got in a fight. And just at that moment, he saw the other ship coming down, and he recognized it. The ship landed and out walked Boli Delish, lightsaber ignited.

The two stood there, staring at each other. Once long time friends, now ready to engage in a heated lightsaber combat. Brutalidon got into his Juyo form and was prepared to make the first attack, not being able to see what form Boli had taken yet. Brut charged forward, jumping at Boli and taking a powerful swing at his old mentor's head, which was easily blocked and parried into a counterattack to the stomach. Not really one for lightsaber combat, Brutalidon was not ready for this and the blade scraped across his stomach, leaving a deep burn mark.

He stumbled backwards and regained his focus, Grakon coming into full fury now that he realized he could be beaten. He started running at Boli like a maniac, swinging at him in random directions, showing no pattern which made everything really hard to stop for Boli. He still managed to keep his ground though a nd eventually slid underneath Brutalidon to get away from the craziness. Boli stood up quickly and took another swing at Brut, the lightsaber going straight down the back, making a spine tingling noise as it seared the flesh and bone.

Shocked at the ability of Boli, Brutalidon took a break, out of pain and possibly fear before turning around. He realized that attacking randomly had no place in lightsaber combat. He would have to trick Boli into submission. He charged at Boli and took a sweeping swing with his lightsaber at his feet, forcing him to jump up and luckily behind Brut. Brutalidon then turned around in an instant and stabbed Boli through the stomach, causing him to huddle to the ground before a knee cracked him in the face, shattering his nose. Victorious, Brutalidon, very weakened, stole Boli's ship and left for a new location now. Baltimn.

Attempted Destruction of the Jedi Praxeum on BaltimnEdit

Brutalidon never actually knew about the Praxeum on Baltimn. Apparently the Jedi didn't trust him enough to tell him, but Boli knew. The directions to it were in his ship. Naturally, he decided he would go there as a warm up to Coruscant. There would be fewer masters, less protection and more padawans. Lots and lots of easy pickings.


The School of Hidden Wisdom on Baltimn

When he landed the ship on the soil beside the large building, he read a sign on the doors, written in a strange language which said The School of Hidden Wisdom. Not really hidden if you display it on the door, is it? The Jedi rushed out of the school, expecting Boli Delish to walk out of the ship. Instead, they got a shock as the now sinister presence of Brutalidon walked out to greet them all.

The School was home to a bunch of no name Jedi, except for one student who would turn out to be a great Jedi, Kahn Perneppi. It seemed to Brut that the entire group of Jedi on that planet was standing there to greet him. He might as well welcome them appropriately. He drew his lightsaber and threw it towards the group, only to transport it, using Mancery, behind them and bringing it back towards himself, chopping about 10 of the Jedi in half, while a few more fell to the ground with serious wounds.

The remaining Jedi drew their lightsabers, with about five smart ones running for cover in the forests. When Brut got his lightsaber back, he dissignited it and clipped it back to his belt as the Jedi charged towards him. He shut his eyes and held his hands up, creating a large whirlwind with the force and thrusting it towards the charging Jedi. All got caught up inside it and were flying in the vortex but two of them who dove to the sides. Brutalidon ignored them for a moment and used Mancery to set a spark inside the gales, setting the whirlwind on fire.


The swirling whirlwind of fire, engulfing the Jedi on Baltimn

When Brutalidon looked back to the two remaining Jedi, they had disappeared. In fact, the entire academy had disappeared. He found himself in a desert with nothing around him. Not even the bodies that he had just thrown about the land. He knew that something was wrong. One of those two Jedi must have mastered the Dreamscape power and given him a false vision of Tatooine. He snapped out of it, returning to consciousness only to find no living Jedi around him. Just the two that left now and the five that left earlier were alive now. Satisfied with these results, he got in Boli's ship again and left for Coruscant.

Death After a Successful CrusadeEdit

While entering the atmosphere of Coruscant above the Jedi Temple, Brutalidon got a bad feeling through the force. He started thinking he shouldn't have let those Jedi go on Baltimn, they probably warned Coruscant that he was coming. They were ready, and he could sense it through the force. This was proven even more when this ship suddenly started getting bombarded by laser bolts, possibly Republic. The ship went crashing down a little bit down from the Jedi Temple and Brut was hurting. He had time to heal himself before hopping out of the ship and trudging along to the Temple.

He met no resistance until he actually entered the temple. Right then, the two Jedi he had let go from Baltimn dropped from the ceiling and force pushed him through the front doors. Looking up from his back angrily, Brut let go a force lightning on both of them and hurled them into the side walls, making sure they wouldn't be up any time soon.

He got back up onto his feet and walked in some more, seeing that the Jedi were very serious about keeping their kin safe. The entire Jedi Council was waiting in the halls first, in front of all the Knights and padawans behind them. He recognized some of them. There was the female human Jane Hirek, the Quarren Qixil, the Trandoshan Drakkskaa, his old friend Sirius Venn, Askruk Akvyss, Eliatra Sabre. There were also two more he had heard of, the Twi'lek Bik and the Human Marl Torlu.

All eight of them had their lightsabers ignited before he even walked in. He knew that he would be up against it in this fight. The nodes in the hallway were not as strong as he would have liked them to be, but they would have to suffice. He sent a bolt of lightning to each of the pillars beside the group of Masters, cutting them in half and crashing down towards them, but the all jumped out of the way.


The Jedi Council, striking back against Brutalidon as he hold Lord Teddy's lightsaber

The council began surrounding him in a circle and he knew that he would have to pull out all the stops if he hoped to survive this encounter. He gathered power from the node and slammed it into the ground, creating a ripple effect on the ground which sent them all into the wall. He turned to the people immediately to the right of him and used a force avalanche to bring the ceiling crashing down upon them. Bik and Torlu were done for.

He spun around just in time to see Jane lunging towards him with her lightsaber poised to strike. He spun out of the way and the force pushed her directly into Qixil. He was now facing Eliatra directly and lifted her up with a force choke and slammed her into a nearby pillar, knocking her unconscious. Drakkskaa and Venn both took a charge at him now, and he had to ignite his lightsaber to fend off both attacks, and then used his strength to flip Venn over his shoulder and onto the Trandoshan. Then he realized he couldn't move anymore.

Apparently, Akvyss still had control over any robotics that he made and had disabled Brut's feet. He could no longer move! All the Jedi but Eliatra rose and began walking slowly towards him assuming he was a sitting duck. That was a big mistake. He conjured up all the power he could from the node and filled the entire hallway with a powerful lightning, sending them all into the wall again. Drakkskaa, Qixil and Sirius were the only ones able to stand after that latest run in with the wall, though none of them had died since the last two. All three charged towards the exhausted Brutalidon, and he only had the strength to swing his body around to impale Qixil through the neck, killing him quickly while Drakkskaa and Sirius sliced him top and bottom respectively, effectively ending his life, as well as the spirit of Grakon.

The After-LifeEdit

Brutalidon, I have been struck down by a Sith Lord and my padawan may need some assistance. I know you have the good in you, I want you to keep watch over him. His name is Dexon Kyjar. He should already be on Thyferra.
—Drakkskaa's force message

Though his body was destroyed at the battle at the Jedi Temple, Brutalidon's spirit lived on, without the presence of Grakon. He had turned back into the good natured being that he had once been before, and some of the Jedi Council members realized this as they felt the evil leave the temple upon his death.


Dexon Kyjar, renewed with Brutalidon's powers of Mancery

His spirit went back to his home planet of Thyferra to keep watch over his old village and his family. This was dull for him, as little to nothing happened on the bacta planet. It wasn't until later that he got a message through the force from the Trandoshan Master Drakkskaa.

So Brutalidon left, searching through the force to try and find the Trandoshan's padawan somewhere in the vast forests. After searching for a long time, he discovered him and entered his body, giving him the powers of Mancery, though with a limited knowledge, and also more of his strength.

Brutalidon's spirit was destroyed upon the death of Dexon Kyjar on Yavin IV. Dexon died naturally of old age with his wife, Lara Jace-Kyjar in the home that they built themselves. During this time, Brutalidon had little to no influence left in Dexon, his spirit all but being vanquished by the great Jedi Master.

His was constructed by Mancery philosophers under the guidance of Dexon Kyjar's ghost spirit in a cave buried beneath the snow on Hoth. The tomb is nearly unlocatable, but inside it holds a lifetime's worth of knowledge about Mancery from one of the greatest Mancers to have lived.

Personality and traitsEdit

Brutalidon was a kind individual, always looking to assist other people whenever he could. While he lived on Thyferra, his goal was to protect the people of his villiage as much as possible. Even when he became a Mancer, he still sought an alliance with the Jedi so that he could continue his well doing. He tried giving others as much knowledge as he could, believing that knowledge was strength. He was normally a quiet individual, though when in the heat of battle he would not miss the opportunity to goad an opponent into fighting. He was strong and had great ability with Force Mancery, and the force in general. His lightsaber combat skills were not to the same par.

However, when his body was taken over by the ancient Lord Grakon, his persona changed drastically. He became a vile individual who's only goal was to make sure the galaxy feared his name once again. He no longer sought allies, he only wanted more enemies whom he could punish for their weaknesses. He lost all friends and gained a galaxy's worth of enemies. His power grew to the point that he was near-god like in his abilities. This is shown during his finally fight with the Jedi Council, in that he could have won had he not run out of energy.


Brutalidon was one of the best users of Force Mancery during his time. He was renowned as a fierce combatant to face in battle. He had mastered the use of elements with Mancery, being able to produce jets of fire from seemingly nothing. He had mastered all the powers that were taught to him by Boli Delish, and as such, Dexon Kyjar, with Brutalidon's spirit inside him, was able to defeat Boli Delish handily in battle later on.

His talents were limited after the use of Mancery. He had minor skills in medical use and repairing things, though he was a decent fighter pilot. He was not good with a blaster and only somewhat proficient with a lightsaber, the reason why he had to rely so much on his Mancery powers.

Of course, the talents that he had were only augmented when he was taken over by Grakon. His power with Mancery increased, and the skills that the ancient Sith Lord had came into his possession. He was now able to understand numerous amounts of dialect, including the ancient Sith dialect and Mandalorian and had a great understanding of architecture.

Again, when he entered the body of Dexon Kyjar, all of his talents joined with the Jedi Master's. Dexon could now use Mancery well, as opposed to not at all, and the rest of his skills were simply augmented by Brutalidon's rather weak skill set.


My grandfather's unbelievable power is well documented, though the reason for it is unknown. What could have given him the power to make fire out of his hands?
Arlon Kyjar, speaking about Dexon Kyjar's unknown Mancery powers

After his death at the Jedi Temple and the disappearance of Boli Delish, all traces of Mancery disappeared off the face of the galaxy. The Jedi deleted all information of them and more imporantly, Brutalidon, from their archives and tore their treaty in half. This led to much speculation as to how Dexon Kyjar received his power, as Brutalidon was no longer known to have existed and the Mancery powers used by Dexon were seen as crazy magic from others, and some went as far as to call him the devil.

The lack of knowledge about Brutalidon would continue until Dexon's spirit returned and approached a well known group of Sith archaeologists, whom he persuaded to create a tomb for the great Mancer Lord. Now with a location of importance, though very hidden, he had a hope for being remembered once again.

However, his tomb would not be visited for another hundred years after that until a Sith demon got word of its location from his so-called "grandfather". Traps were set in the tomb to ward off thieves and after the demon was able to bypass them, a holocron appeared to teach the demon all of Brutalidon's tricks of Mancery. His legacy would now be on the shoulders of this one creature.

Behind the scenesEdit

Brutalidon was the first character role played by Steve Young. He was created first on the LucasArts forums back in 2004 and was later moved to the Relm. After the site lost activity, Steve went to TheStarWarsRP and created another character, Dexon Kyjar, and continued Brutalidon's story through him. The name is a play off of many things. The alias Brutalidon is a combination of two characters from Unreal Tournament; Brutalis and Abaddon. His real name, just recently created, is a twist off of the Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)'s name. Dexington's first good and featured article was Norris Raddek. Norris became the first Ithorian featured article on Star Wars Fanon.