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Nim was known for being a highly skilled Agamarian thief, whose success turned out to be a byproduct of Force-sensitivity. He was approached by Luke Skywalker in 15 ABY, and agreed to join the New Jedi Order more out of boredom than anything else. He wound up renouncing his previous life of crime after meeting reformed smuggler BoShek, to whom he eventually apprenticed himself.

During the Sith Crusade, Nim used his skills at infiltration to perform missions for the Jedi Intelligence Network. Due to his criminal background, he worked closely with the Smugglers' Alliance members who were helping the Jedi set up their network. He convinced one of the more hardcore criminals among these smugglers, Dan Haze, of the error of his ways and got him to seriously rethink his lifestyle.

Lightsaber (and other weapons)Edit

Nim carried a red lightsaber, which was unusual for a Jedi. If the Battle of Ossus was any indication, Nim favored vibroblades as weapons, and very rarely used his lightsaber. He was also known to carry a molecular stiletto.

Behind the scenesEdit

Nim's name comes from a word I randomly stumbled across in the dictionary:

Nim (v): to pilfer or steal.


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