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New Geonosis was the third world in the Namelesennia system, located in the Ryloth Sector in the Outer Rim Territories. The planet was discovered already during the En'rg-chan Civil War, but it wasn't until 18 BBY that someone showed an interest in it. After that, it became a major base of the Confederate Remnants, and the hiding place of the Separatist Council.


Old Republic eraEdit

En'rg-chan Civil WarEdit

During the En'rg-chan Civil War, New Geonosis was discovered by Republic scouts. However, since the world seemed totally useless, nobody showed any interests in it.

Rise of the Empire eraEdit

Great Jedi PurgeEdit

Soon after the destruction of the Separatists, the new Head of State Gizor Dellso sent probe droids to many Outer Rim worlds, searching for possible bases. When one of these droids found the third world of the Namelesennia system, Gizor Dellso named it 'New Geonosis' after his homeworld and the location of the first battle of the Clone Wars.

After that, he sent as many workers the Separatists could afford to build up a safe base there. The base was built deep under the ice, with only a few ways in and out. One, the hangar bay, could only be opened from a well guarded control center. The rest was also well guarded, and required numerous passwords. All droids on the planet was also equipped with a mind wiper, preventing anyone who managed to steal a droid from gaining the passwords from its memory core.

16 BBY the base was finished. The new Separatist Council the went to New Geonosis, one by one, to hide there. By that time, the Separatists had sent an army of battle droids from the hidden droid factory on Mustafar. They had also gathered, hired and bought in a fleet to protect the world from the Imperials.

Behind the scenesEdit

Almost all information in the infobox (like size and terrain) are inspired by either Geonosis or Hoth.

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