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The New Confederacy of Independant Systems military was a very large and superior military compared to the New Republic.


Now, with the help from our friends from the Galactic Droid Empire have pledged their support we will have the greatest power in the galaxy!

The military of the New Confederacy usually—but not always—consisted of droid and ship models that had been used in the Separatist Droid Army and Confederate Navy, respectively. The ground units included Battle droids, Super battle droids, Droidekas, and MagnaGuards. Geonosian warriors were also a part of the military. Later it was combined with the army of Darth Tyler's Galactic Droid Empire.

The navy consisted of primarily Providence-class carrier/destroyers, Lucrehulk-class battleships, and Munificent-class star frigates for support. The New Confederate navy retained most of the CIS's major starfighters, such as Vulture droids and Droid tri-fighters.


250px-B3 UBR-2ndBoC

A B6 battle droid.

Transport vehiclesEdit

Ground vehiclesEdit

Aerial vehiclesEdit

Aquatic weaponsEdit

Capital ship classesEdit


Invisible Hand

One of Troyb's personal ships.





A Lucrehulk-class destroyer, commonly used in the fleet.




Support shipsEdit

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