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Grebleips was a Male Asogian senator representing the Perinn sector in the Galactic Senate during the final years of the Galactic Republic, and later, in the Imperial Senate, in the early days of the Galactic Empire. Hailing from the planet of Brodo Asogi from 50 BBY until the formation of the Alliance to Restore the Republic in 0 BBY, following the dissolving of the Imperial Senate. In the Rebel Alliance, he served as a diplomatic advisor to Mon Mothma, the commander-in-chief of the Alliance. With the formation of the Rebel Alliance Senate in 5 ABY, Grebleips returned to his senatorial duties, in the Alliance Senate and it's successor, the New Republic Senate, for 20 more years.


For a large number of years before 32 BBY, Grebleips had represented his home planet of Brodo Asogi as a Senator in the Galactic Republic. In the Galactic Senate's Grand Convocation Chamber, Grebleips was stationed in a repulsorpod between the Ishi Tib and Swokes Swokes delegations. The Senator kept a delegation of two to three other members of his species in tow. In the days following Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum's announcement of a summit to discuss the taxation of trade routes in the Outer Rim Territories, Grebleips and his delegates joined the throngs of Senators and representatives who waited in the Senate Building's public corridors to entreat the Chancellor for a moment of his time.[3] Within a year the taxation crisis had escalated, and faith was weakening in Valorum's ability to deal with it. In 32 BBY, Grebleips attended a meeting of the Senate at which Queen Amidala of Naboo spoke on behalf of her people, asking for help regarding a recent invasion of her world by the Trade Federation. Valorum attempted to defer the motion to a committee, and Amidala called for a Vote of No Confidence in his leadership. After conferring amongst themselves, Grebleips' delegation joined the fracas of the gathered Senators. The vote was ultimately successful, and Senator Palpatine of Naboo was elected as Valorum's successor.

In 22 BBY, Grebleips made headlines with his funding of an extra-galactic survey. Later that year, the Clone Wars broke out, and the Senate granted Palpatine even more power to deal with the crisis. As the war went on, a number of legislators in the Senate grew concerned over the amount of power Palpatine was gathering, and his subversion of the Galactic Constitution. When Palpatine enacted a new system of regional governors to administer the Republic in 19 BBY, Grebleips and almost two thousand other legislators, calling themselves the Delegation of 2000, filed a formal protest in a session of the Senate. It was not successful; after the Jedi Order attempted to remove him from power, Palpatine exterminated them and declared the Republic a Galactic Empire under a new charter, with himself as Emperor. Along with sixty-two other Senators, Grebleips was arrested by Imperial Intelligence, charged with conspiracy and treason for helping plot the Jedi coup.

However, he, along with many of his fellow senators from the Delegation, was merely detained temporarily, as a warning sign from the new Emperor. He was reappointed in his position as senator by Brodo Asogi Chairman Sacul, who also appointed him to organize a resistance against the Empire on Brodo Asogi. Grebleips was in charge of the task for a tine until giving control to seasoned Asogian general Moremac. However, Grebleips was still involved in the resistance.

In 2 BBY, following the founding of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, those involved in the Brodo Asogi resistance movement saw this as an oppurtunity, and set up a meeting with the Alliance. At this time, Grebleips had relinquished his position as senator, after Imperials ransacked his apartment following his proposal of a bill to lower the armed forces. Sacul assigned Grebleips and Moremac as the ambassadors to the meeting. The meeting was succesful in an agreement, and Grebleips became a personal diplomatic advisor to Mon Mothma, the leaderof the Aliance.

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