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Neverland an afterlife light-side location

Neverland or Heaven in the language of Keldin was an afterlife location which was extremely amazing and beautiful. It was a place of eternal life and happiness in which could enter only heroes, virtuous and holy people and whose that wanted to follow a lighter path to learn the truth. Some philosophers believed that Neverland was the place that all souls of living wanted to go there because for salvation and live eternally in the true nature of the light side of the Force. It was described as a place with people singing and laughing from their happiness. Some priests informed that a soul can go to Neverland after its death only from showing goodness, love, compassion and mercy at all people of the galaxy. Neverland was connected temporarily with galaxy with the Rise or divinization of the pfellunds. Kelden believed that Neverland was a place that they had relationship with their creator Nephalla and the Holy Good Deities.


The path to Neverland.

Jason Kelderrine went to this realm after his heroic death on Keldeviron. Michael Keldaron learnt this place from Zayne Carrick some moments after his death on Korriban. In this place Zayne Carrick met his redeemed apprentice Michael Keldaron and he was filled with happiness. Edeva went on Neverland forever after Ambrose's huge success on the galaxy. Also Aaruth Keldaron after dying on Coruscant he passed the gates of Neverland. All the ancient Jedi who found the serenity and harmony to their souls lived on Neverland after their death. Paul Equestrian after was executed, he moved to Heaven and received the holiness from his Creator.

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