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Neebo Kwadwo was a Rodian male. He was the husband of Andoorni Kwadwo and father of Eniki Kwadwo. He lived in a small, isolated village deep within the jungles of Rodia with his wife and two sons, Mujo and Gupta, the eldest of which, Mujo, suffered from a moderate developmental disability. Such a mental handicap was not well-understood in their village and blame was placed on the parents for their son's strange behavior. When Eniki was born and found to be Force-sensitive, her parents relinquished custody of the infant to the Jedi in hopes that she would not be exposed to her older brother's disability and the insensitivity of the villagers. Unfortunately, Neebo's daughter suffered from the same disability, only with more severity.


Neebo Kwadwo was a revered hunter in his village. Hailing from a small but powerful clan, Neebo hoped to carry on his clan's legacy through his children. His hopes were dashed when his first-born son, Mujo, began to exhibit signs of mental disability. In their remote village, Neebo's family had no access to proper medical care and his knowledge of mental disorders was limited at best. If he were to reside in a more-urbanized area, such as Iskaayuma or Equator City, Neebo's son would have been properly diagnosed and given the therapy he needed. However, Neebo's family could not afford such services and were too isolated to make the journey to the cities. The causes of disability were largely misunderstood by the villagers, blame was placed on genes and poor parenting. Neebo's wife, Andoorni, was accused of "contaminating the clan blood with weak genes." Andoorni's lineage, however, had no prior occurrence of her son's disorder. The village elders believed that such a child would be a burden and advised Neebo and Andoorni to abandon their son in the jungle depths to be eaten by predators and cast the memory of him from their minds.

Neebo refused to do so. He and Andoorni worked hard to help Mujo overcome his limitations. Knowing that while Mujo may not be capable of learning the art of the hunt, he would at least be taught to survive and be a productive member of society. Four years after Mujo was born, Neebo sired a second son, Gupta. Gupta was a healthy Rodian and did not display any signs of disability, with the potential to become a master hunter like his father. Again, Neebo was advised to neglect Mujo and focus on raising Gupta as a proper heir to his clan's legacy. And again, Neebo went against the elders' wishes. He trained Gupta not only to hunt, but to protect and mentor Mujo. Continuing a clan legacy was furthest from his mind. These practices made Neebo and his family outcasts in the tiny village.

Six years later, as the fury of a vicious typhoon ripped through the jungles, Neebo's mate gave birth to a daughter. The Rodian infant came into the world with a cry as strong and piercing as the storm winds and was suitably named for them. Eniki was initially deemed to be healthy and the village elders had high hopes for her. Neebo, however, had reservations against thrusting Eniki into the fierce life of a huntress due to memories of Mujo's birth and infancy. He had reason to be wary when he held his daughter in his arms; Eniki's body became rigid and she squirmed. A memory of a similar reaction from Mujo flashed in Neebo's mind, a chill causing his head-spines to stiffen. Neebo convinced himself to dismiss it as a quirk and nothing more. He wanted to believe that Eniki was a normal, healthy baby. He needed to believe it.

Months went by while Neebo and Andoorni idly noticed that Eniki displayed a few behaviors that were almost identical to the symptoms that Mujo exhibited in early infancy; aversion to touch, hypersensitivity to loud noises, and selective deafness to softer sounds. Neebo did not want to draw attention to the behavior in hopes that it was temporary and would resolve itself. Shortly before Eniki's first birthday, a Jedi Knight, representing the Outer Rim worlds, came to the remote jungle village. Claiming that Eniki was Force-sensitive, the Jedi wished to take the infant Rodian to Coruscant to begin her training within the Jedi Temple. Honored, Neebo and Andoorni agreed, wanting to spare Eniki from the intolerance of the villagers toward Mujo's disability. Bidding a fond and heartfelt farewell to their daughter, the Kwadwos returned to the daily hardships they faced with raising a disabled son.

In 23 BBY, a representative for the Jedi Order once again visited the village, wishing to speak with Neebo alone. Just outside the town walls, Neebo's heart sank as he was told that Eniki suffered from the same developmental disability as Mujo. The Jedi gave Neebo a choice; Eniki could remain at the Temple under the care of minders or she could be returned to Rodia. Neebo opted for the former, not wanting to expose his daughter to the shame his family would receive. His fears confirmed, Neebo silently entered the village gates to tell Andoorni. In that small community, gossip traveled quickly and word of Neebo's handicapped daughter reached the elders. Infuriated, the clan leaders demanded that Andoorni undergo sterilization to make sure that her "weak blood will no longer foul the Kwadwo line." Refusing to comply and unable to tolerate the accusations any further, Neebo and his family fled into the jungle, seeking refuge within the enclave of a larger, more powerful clan.

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