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Nathan Briggs was born on Yavin and when he was just 3 years old was taken to Coruscant for Jedi training, at the age of 17 he was given his first Master Dakine Lamar, he grew learning the ways of the Jedi from Dakine for 6 years, then he was asked to join his master in a mission to Tatooine to find and the Sith Lord Darth Maulleia, when arrived on Tatooine, they learned where Maulliea was hiding and went after him.


in a lightsaber duel Nathan was injured and rendered out cold by Force Lightning from Maulleia and Maulleia killed Nathan's Master. After waking up and realizing Maulliea was gone and his master had been killed, he took his body back to Coruscant where they had Dakine's funeral. Years after the death of Dakine, Maulleia and Nathan had met and fought in another lightsaber battle and at this time Nathan was a full Jedi Knight.

In the end of this battle, Maulleia seemed yet to escape again and left Nathan a mess, two years passed and Nathan was made into a Jedi Master and was given an apprentice who was Dakine's son, Luke Lamar. Nathan and his new apprentice, Luke, were doing a routine scouting check of Coruscant when they came to an abandon hangar where a hooded man stood, Nathan drew his lightsaber as did Luke and they engaged battle with the hooded man found out to be Darth Maulleia. During the battle Nathan was cut down and then later killed during the battle at the age of 79, and then out of anger Darth Maulleia was cut down by Luke, while Darth Maulleia was smiling that he got cut down by Luke's anger Darth Maulleia told Luke to join the dark side and have unlimited power, he was told to join the dark side and kill Maulleia. Luke agreed and killed Darth Maulleia making Luke join the dark side, he returned Nathan's body to the Jedi Temple and had a funeral for Nathan, yet after the funeral, Luke left the Jedi Academy and adopted the name Darth Lamar and faded into the dark!

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