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The Namelesennian Security Forces, or the NSF, was founded as the Namelesennia system's army by Namelesennius directly after his election as Lord of the Namelesennia system, to help drive out what remained of the Imperial presence on Namelesennia. Kaxs, who had proven his superiority both in fighting and strategy during the Battle of Namelesennia, was chosen as General of the forces. The forces was constructed partially of what remained of the Imperial garrison that had been stationed in the system and.

During the Namelesennian Civil War, the NSF was forced to fight their former leader, Kaxs, who had returned with the Forces of Darkness to conquer the Namelesennia system.


Raid on the Sith TempleEdit

The NSF's first real battle was not until the Namelesennian Civil War, when a garrison stationed in the Sith Temple on En'rg-ch was attacked by the Forces of Darkness. Despite some advantages, the NSF lost the battle.


The NSF had a simple line of command. The highest rank was General, and that position was held by Kaxs. The second highest rank was Captain, and it was held by the Captains of capital ships and by important ground commanders The third and lowest command rank was Squad Commander on ground and Squadron Commander in space. As the names suggests, Squad Commanders commanded a single squad and Squadron Commanders one squadron of starfighters.


The forces varied greatly, from infantry troopers to walkers and capital ships.


The flagship of the NSF was an Acclamator I-class Star Destroyer. The fleet also consisted of at least two squadrons of Z-95 Headhunters.


The security forces on Namelesennia had a few All Terrain Tactical Enforcers, but the biggest part of the vehicles consisted of Bantha-II cargo skiffs. They also had at least one Heavy Assault Vehicle/wheeled A5 Juggernaut, a few All Terrain Recon Transports and a few Armored Scout Transports.


Many Humen and Twi'leks were recruited as infantry soldiers for the NSF. They all used their own weapon of choice, and the weaponry thus varied from simple knives to missile launchers.