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The Namelesennian Civil War was a disruptive conflict in the Namelesennia system, a system already scarred from two brutal civil wars (En'rg-chan Colonist War and En'rg-chan Civil War), the Great Jedi Purge and the Galactic Civil War.

Kaxs, who was General of the Namelesennian Security Forces, persuaded almost the entire NSF to follow him. They left the Namelesennia system for half a year. When they returned, their forces were greatly expanded. However, while he was gone, the Lord of the Namelesennia system, Namelesennius, reconstructed the NSF and prepared for danger; the Force sensitive Lord felt something was wrong.

When Kaxs returned as leader of the Forces of Darkness, the system was once again thrown into a bloody civil war.

Early CampaignsEdit

Raid on the Sith TempleEdit

The first battle of the Civil War was on En'rg-ch. Trying to gain a foothold in the Namelesennia system, Kaxs sent a strike force to recapture his old Sith Temple on En'rg-ch. Namelesennius, however, had understood something strange was going on and sent a garrison to the Temple. Both sides took heavy losses during the battle, but Kaxs' Forces of Darkness finally became vistorious.


Kaxs wanted a valuable hostage, and hired Boba Fett to kidnap the Galaxy famous singer Wonderous. During a consert in the Killerland Cantina, Boba Fett entered and kidnapped him, and brought him to Kaxs' Sith Temple on En'rg-ch.


Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Battle over En'rg-ch

When news of the kidnapping of Wonderous reached the ears of Namelesennius, he immediately left for En'rg-ch in the Traclyde. However, before he could land, he was captured by the tractor beams of the Dreadnaught. Forces to land in the hangar of the cruiser, he was attacked by some mercenaries and a spier droid. After defeating them, he fought his way to the command bridge. With no choice but to kill everyone he encountered, he finally killed the Captain of the ship. Then, he managed to deactivate the tractor beams by shutting down the main reactor.

However, that also disabled the shield generator. Then, the new flagship of the Forces of Darkness arrived; a Lucrehulk-class battleship. The battleship gave fire against the Dreadnaught, having seen in security cameras that Namelesennius was onboard. Using a Force power, Namelesennius was barely able to leave in the Traclyde before the cruiser exploded.

Namelesennius called for reinforcements, and it turned into a full battle. Aventually, Namelesennius had upgraded his flagship - a Venator-class - to fire heavy missiles. They could even break throught the shield of the Lucrehulk. Finally, the Forces of Darkness sent in a stolen Immobilizer 418 cruiser. It protected the Darkness fleet until the fleet could escape. The Immobilizer wasn't late to follow them.

Secret LabEdit

The Forces of Darkness had in secret built a laboratorium deep within the Namelesennian Sea. When it was discovered by the NSF, the leader of the laboratorium - an ex-Separatist named Tikkes - executed all the scientists in the name of security and left the base in an armed Sub-Transport, that was later picked up from the sea by an assault ship.

Timeline of BattlesEdit

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