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Nam Poorf was an Ithorian Jedi agriculturalist. He and fellow Jedi agriculturalist, Jambe Lu, were defending a Weequay freighter from an Imperial Interdictor. The tides turned and their freighter was damaged. They sent a distress signal and it was picked up on the planet of Kamino by the clone Commander, Alpha. He relayed the message to the rogue Jedi Nathaniel Kenobi, bounty hunter Abigaile Jade, former Sith Asajj Ventress, and the Kaminoan leaders Lama Su and Taun We.

Alpha, Nathan, and Abigaile proceeded to Nam and Jambe's last coordinates and rescued them. The two Jedi explained that they were formerly part of a Jedi group who wanted to find Jedi Masters. He served as a Jedi trainer on Kamino. When the Empire came he defended the planet and unfortunately was killed by Darth Vader.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Nam Poorf was actually a male Human. The change in species was part of the author's intent to get more species, rather than just Humans and Twi'leks, into Star Wars.